Which are the Best Housing systems MMORPGs in 2022?

Game: New World
Time: 2022-01-04 10:07:52
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Houses play an essential role for many MMORPG fans because they can build their own homes, necessary for immersion. The most successful Western game WOW does not provide such a feature, but many good options exist. We have organized 6 MMORPGs for you, containing the best houses for you.

What is this list about?
This list introduces you to MMORPGs that provide the best housing system in games of their kind. However, these look very different:
1. In some games, you can build houses with complete freedom
2. In other cases, you are free to decorate your instanced house
3. Some even offer very generous bonuses outside the house
4. We revealed what various housing systems provide and how complex it is.

New world
New World is a new MMO from Amazon. This puts action-packed battles and the mysterious island of Aeternum in the foreground. The world of the new world looks very lively, especially the collection and production are welcomed by many players. In the process of reaching the highest level, you can complete missions, visit dungeons, or compete with other players in optional PvP or territorial wars in the open world. More Dungeons, max careers, and other PvP content are waiting for you in the final stage.


Which are the Best Housing systems MMORPGs in 2022?

What options does the housing offer?
In the new world, starting at level 15 and with a good reputation in the area, you can buy a house in any settlement. The house is instantiated, and the house has four different sizes.
1. You can design your house as you like, and you can even add decorations to the outside of the house,
2. Housing needs to pay the initial cost, and additional New World Coins must be paid every week.
3. You can visit other houses and even rate them. The highest-rated houses are at the top of the list, so there is some house beauty pageant.

What are the fun advantages of housing? The new world houses have the following benefits:
1. You can put trophies in your house, which will bring you rewards in the game
2. You can get extra storage space above the house
3. You can use your house as a fast travel point

ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG with a lot of freedom and character development. Therefore, you can choose from three of the 13 specializations and create your build. The game focuses mainly on a player-driven economy, housing, and combat in the open world. The latter can even be carried out on the high seas using your boat. ArcheAge provides the Free2Play version, with the option of subscribing and purchasing game currency directly, or the Buy2Play version called Unchained. What opportunities does the housing offer? The house in ArcheAge is one of the most complexes in all MMORPGs. Because here you want to build your home in the open world, first you must find a construction site. This is problematic, depending on the server and region.

However, if you find an empty property, you will have a lot of freedom:
1. You can decorate your property and house according to your wishes. However, the house itself is prefabricated
2. Decorations can be made by yourself or purchased from other players and specific NPCs
3. Building a house requires the use of in-game currency and weekly rent. For the Free2Play version of the house, you need to subscribe (in theory, you can use a lot of game currency to buy)
4. If you build a house in a PvP area, other players may even attack you right in front of it.

What are the fun advantages of housing?
1. Can grow and harvest plants on their land
2. Then you can use a cart to bring these materials to town. This is an exciting PvP event.
3. You get extra storage space in your house
4. You can set up a crafting station in the house

Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy XIV has become one of the most popular MMORPGs in recent years. Due to the overhaul of the game, significant changes took place in 2013. Regular content updates and expansions, such as Shadowbringers, are waiting for players. MMORPG is reminiscent of the classic Japanese RPG because of the intense focus on the story. Further highlights are the vast game world, the profound production system, and the vast challenges in dungeons and raids. Many tricky raids and missions await you in the final stage. However, to do this, you have to accept the combat system, which is particularly difficult and slow at the beginning.

What options does the housing offer?
In FFXIV, housing is a very fulfilling pastime. So over time, you can afford more prominent and more beautiful houses.
1. You can move into the apartment first and then join the big house
2. The larger your land, the larger the house you can build on it. There are three levels from a small area to a large area
3. You can decorate the house according to your wishes
4. The land around your house can also be decorated and used as a material garden
5. You can also set up a music box on which you can play the desired audio track
6. However, the space for building houses in different locations is limited. So sometimes you don't get your favorite place. If you are not online for a long time, you will also lose your house.

What are the fun advantages of housing?
Material going through the garden
You can set up the workbench for production
You can ask vendors to sell items

Ultima Online
Ultima Online is a bit like the father of sandbox MMORPG. Online role-playing games may have existed for nearly 25 years, but they can still be played today. Ultima Online is played from an ISO perspective and relies on a player-driven economy. It also provides missions, dungeons, and PvP content. You will not be tied to a class in the game, but you can learn different skills and use them to adapt to your play style.


What options does the housing offer?
In terms of housing, many systems rely on Ultima Online because MMO is also a pioneer here. You can build a house anywhere in the world, but you have a week of the ban before making a new house. However, you can only have one at a time.
1. In Ultima Online, you can build your own house by pulling up the walls on your property and stacking the floors together.
2. But it can also be placed in prefabricated houses.
3. In terms of interior design, you can fully play your imagination. You can place furniture and decorations where you want and have enough space.
4. As a craftsman, you can make your furniture in Ultima Online5. 
5. Whether you use your house as a warehouse or arena for PvP battles or create a headquarters for your guild, it's up to you
6. You will lose your house if you don't play for 90 days​​
7. However, these houses can be built anywhere globally, which disturbs the atmosphere in some places.

What are the fun advantages of housing?
Extra storage space

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic was initially considered the Warcraft in Space because the two factions' structures, missions, and combat systems are similar. In addition, the story plays an essential role in both MMORPGs. However, SWTOR provides many opportunities to make decisions in the story. In addition, the content is set to music, creating a unique atmosphere. In addition to the plot, there is some classic MMORPG content in the game, including Raids and Dungeons. MMORPG also relies on an exciting companion system to accompany you in this content.


What options does the housing offer?
The housing system was introduced in SWTOR in 2014. From then on, you can purchase an instantiated fortress immediately after reaching level 15 and completing the story of the starting world.
1. Your fortress can expand over time because initially, there are only a limited number of rooms available. However, you only need to pay for the purchase once
2. There are now nine different forts to choose from, some of which cost real money.
3. The rooms can be decorated, but you cannot place them entirely freely. Some places can place items. But these can be rotated freely.
4. Decorations can be made by hand, successfully unlocked, and sometimes purchased with gold coins in the shop.
5. You can also buy a guild house, and all guild members will move into it.

What are the fun advantages of housing?
The housing allows you to use the old warehouse, an account-wide bank.
Otherwise, the visual aspect plays an essential role because it is one of the few MMORPGs with a sci-fi look.

Wurm Online
Wurm Online is a sandbox MMORPG that attaches great importance to freedom. The game was released in 2006 and landed on Steam in 2012. It provides separate servers for PvE and PvP and allows you to shape the world freely. Reminiscent of a survival game, you must first find materials and use them to make tools and weapons. Later you can fully use this feature to build your house.



What options does the housing offer?
Housing happens freely in the open world. You can find a place and start building immediately. However, keeping a certain minimum distance from the city and other players is considered good etiquette in the game.
1. First, you can use your shovel to work in this area to level it for your house.
2. Then you can freely build in this area according to your wishes. The decoration is also entirely open for you
3. If your house is completely locked, you can provide it with a door. Where you can set who can visit your house
4. There is no direct maintenance cost for your house, but the walls will crack over time and must be repaired (other players can damage them on the PvP server)
5. Although Free2Play players can only use wooden houses, advanced players can also build stone buildings.

What are the fun advantages of the housing
You can create boxes to get more storage space
There is no direct farming function, but the walking distance to the farmland and wood source will be shorter if you put the house in place.