Top-Ranking MMO and Online Games Recommended by BuyNewWorldCoins in October 2021

Game: New World
Time: 2021-10-08 10:36:21
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Top-Ranking new MMOs and online games we added to this list will be released in October. Some significant updates are coming soon, and the hype in the new world will continue into the new month. We present you the highlights of October at BuyNewWorldCoins. What kind of games are they? The selected game is an online game that you can experience with friends or unknown players. Each game will celebrate its release in September 2021 or receive updates that bring significant innovations. This includes minor updates, beta events, or releases that only occur at the end of the month.
How did this list come from? New versions and updates and is compiled by MMORPG expert BuyNewWorldCoins. Each game will be introduced in more detail in the article and will reveal to whom the respective title is worthwhile.

New World – Release
Type: MMORPG | Developer: Amazon | Platform: PC | Release Date: September 28, 2021 | Model: Buy and play


Top-Ranking MMO and Online Games Recommended by BuyNewWorldCoins in October 2021

What kind of game is this?

At New World is an MMO with many PvE and PvP elements. As a shipwrecked person, you arrive at the mysterious island of Aeternum, where Azoth (a weird material) is located. This material will arouse and corrode people's greed. You can look forward to the beasts on the island, the rival NPC faction Corrupt with Azoth, and the enemy players you can fight in optional PvP. The final game revolves around dungeons, world events, PvP, and battles in different territories.

New World was initially a PvP and survival game, but it has been given more and more PvE elements. Now it seems to be a reliable MMORPG for all types of gamers:
1. You can upgrade to level 60 with a character, a course before the new world. Your weapon determines the style of the game.
2. Starting at level 10, you can join one of the three factions, and you can choose to fight other factions in the open world and the battle of fortresses.
3. From the very beginning, New World provided six different dungeons, one of which we have conducted extensive testing.
4. There are missions and events in a completely open world.
5. There is a pervasive crafting system that you can use to obtain endgame equipment. You can also use the crafting system to Earing more New World Coins and Gold to buy essential items at the Auction House.
6. In PvP, there are wars and outposts in 50v50, which is a 40v40 fortress battle mode.

why you should play New World in October?
The launch of New World took place on September 28, and it has been postponed several times before. The new world sometimes had long queues in the beginning, but now that enough servers have been opened, you can start the game immediately. So now is the ideal time to start using Amazon MMO. The game is mainly for fans of action combat systems, explorers, artisans, and PvP players. However, you should not expect the classic hero stories told in GW2 or the tag positioning combat system like World of Warcraft.

FIFA 22 – Release
Type: Football Simulation | Developer: EA Sports | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: October 1, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play

What kind of game is this?

FIFA 22 is the latest part of the football series and should be better and more realistic than its predecessor. For this, it relies on the new "HyperMotion" technology. To this end, football professionals were put on so-called Xsens suits to record their sports patterns in detail.

Basically, in FIFA 22, you can take over your favorite club in career mode as usual and try to lead it to the top. Or, you can build a fantasy club in Ultimate Team and get a lot of coins by winning fierce online or PvE matches to attract new players. As in previous years, the street mode Volta has appeared again, where you can relax, and now you can even play online with your friends.

In addition to the new HyperMotion technology, FIFA 22 also provides the following highlights:
1. A large number of adjustments are mainly to make artificial intelligence smarter and goalkeepers stronger
2. Rich career mode, supplemented with new options
3. Multiple sofa cooperation modes
4. Gain long-term momentum with new content in Ultimate Team
5. The most extensive licensing package of all football games on the market

why you should play FIFA 22 in October?
FIFA 22 celebrated its release on October 1, and some players can experience it first. If you're interested in Ultimate Team, it's especially worth it to start in October. This year's weekend league has a new promotion system. The first weekend club will be held on October 8. In addition to Ultimate Team, FIFA is mainly aimed at football fans and players who buy new FIFA every year. They want to play their team with the current team and are happy to get the money on hand.

Far Cry 6 - Released
Type: Shooting | Developer: Ubisoft | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: October 7, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play

What kind of game is this?

Far Cry 6 is the latest work in the Ubisoft shooting game series. In it, you play a guerrilla named Dani Rojas. For 50 years, your country, Yarra, has been in the hands of a brutal regime, and you are fighting for freedom.
In the game, you will fight the dictator Anton Castillo, who rules Yara in a challenging way. The game world is a fictional island based in Cuba. There, you can fight hard in the jungle, tropical beaches, and cities.
In Far Cry 6, you fight and play from a first-person perspective and use guns, which you can assemble by yourself, similar to Far Cry New Dawn.
Far Cry 6 You can experience it all in cooperative mode or share it with other players.

Far Cry 6 will be an excellent open-world shooter and promises to provide some interesting content:
1. The game does not have a given role. Let you design one in the editor.
2. You should have different ways to solve a task. So you can choose to scan, sneak and destroy the opponent, or run into the enemy's camp and create chaos there.
3. You should be able to assemble evil weapons such as rifles and fish tanks in car exhaust.
4. There are different vehicles, including cars, tanks, and horses
5. The game attaches great importance to the visually beautiful game world, accompanied by cutscenes ready for the movie
6. You will have animal companions to accompany your adventures

Why you should play Far Cry 6 in October?
The new shooting game will celebrate its release on October 7. So if you want to be there from the beginning, you should make the game at the beginning.
The target audience of Far Cry 6 is fans of the series, but it also applies to ordinary shooter players who like story-driven games. Most importantly, in terms of graphics and atmosphere, the game should be convincing based on the first test.
After its release, Far Cry 6 will continue to expand. So there should be new missions every week, but you can only play if you have completed the primary campaign. There should also be a crossovers-for example to Rambo.
In addition, the season pass and the matching other three DLCs have been announced.

Call of Duty Theater - Season 6
Type: Battle Royale | Developer: Infinity Ward / Raven Software | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: March 10, 2020 | Model: Free2Play


What is a CoD theater?

Call of Duty: The War Zone is the battle royale of Call of Duty. As many as 150 players fight each other on a vast map and use various guns and vehicles.
The theater of war first appeared as a game mode of modern warfare. It can be played as a Free2Play version and associated with the new Call of Duty: Cold War. We have explained to you how this works.

These are the highlights of CoD Warzone.
1. Compared with other battle royale games, Warzone provides you with some unique features:
2. There are 150 players, and the number of participants is slightly more than usual.
3. Even if you are killed, you can return to the game through Gulag combat.
4. Special skills such as serial kills, airstrikes, or radar displays can be purchased in the game mode.
5. Warzone provides cross-play between different platforms.

Why play CoD Warzone in October?
The new season 6 will begin in Warzone on October 7. This will also be the last season of Call of Duty: Cold War.
Two new weapons are waiting for you:
LAPA SM-03: A light submachine gun that has never appeared in the CoD universe
Leverage action: single-shot rifle in World War II and advanced warfare

Back 4 Blood - Release
Type: Zombie Shooting | Developer: Guiyan Studio | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: October 12, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play


What kind of game is this?

Back 4 Blood is a new shooting game from the creators of Left 4 Dead and Evolve. In it, you face the threat of zombies.
You can perform this operation with up to 3 other players or AI assistants in a cooperative campaign. There are eight different characters to choose from, and you can use them to kill hordes of enemies. You collect new ammunition, equipment, and complete mission objectives.
But be careful. You may accidentally kill your friends with friendly firepower!

Back 4 Blood is reminiscent of Left 4 Dead and offers you some highlights:
1. There is a card system a bit like a classic loading. This makes the game stand out from Left 4 Dead
2. Have different levels of difficulty
3. Not only do you have to fight against blunt zombies, but some opponents also have special skills.
4. The hit feedback is very satisfying.
5. The game provides a good atmosphere and particular background noise.

Why should you play Back 4 Blood in October?
If you want to experience a new zombie shooter in the style of Left 4 Dead, then you must check out Back 4 Blood. The release time is October 12. The shooter has convinced many beta players, although there are some minor issues. The choice of weapons is minimal, the cards are sometimes contrary to the actual game design, and the first difficulty level is said to be very easy. The PvP mode was also criticized during the beta period.