New World Endgame Bruchberg is by Far the Most Dangerous

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What's wrong with Endgame and New World? In the first test in the summer of 2020, the impression of the New World was mixed. Most importantly, monotonous tasks are the focus of criticism. But there are also significant problems in the middle and late content of the game. Because at the time of testing, the game only provided a boss battle arena, some open-world events, a PvP war of endgame areas, and fortress battles, all available at a specific time.


New World Endgame Bruchberg is by Far the Most Dangerous

The Bruchberg area is divided into different regions and unique places:
On the road to the north, there is the small settlement Bergklause, and in the east, there is the outpost Gebirgsaufstieg. They serve as a retreat for the player
But the corrupters also have various forts in the controlled area, including Kaminus, shown in earlier screenshots.
There is also a corrupt mine north of Bergklause, Ambusti Inferior. It is said that this mine is difficult to pass through, mainly due to its labyrinth system.
Bruchberg and Rotfellow Hovel are said to be home to some of Aeternum's most powerful opponents.
However, the biggest challenge should be Grumiheim. This is the largest stronghold of the fallen, and only the most potent players can fight through it.

But during the Alpha period, work was strengthened on these critical points:
The mission has been modified many times and even a soundtrack is provided. Many new tasks have also been added. You can earn more New World Coins
The new endgame area has been released.
The first dungeon comes into play, one of which we can already try
Introduced a new PvP mode and made the optional Open PvP more interesting
Fishing is added as a further endgame career

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