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BuyNewWorldCoins.com, the site is owned and operated by COOLPLAY TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED(Hong Kong, Room 83, 3 / F, Yau Lee Centre, 45 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 999077), was established in 2014 and continues to save data for offline games, online game currency, gold, items, focusing on game services.

BuyNewWorldCoins is a legal and trustworthy store for buying New World Coins and enjoys a high reputation. We provide quality services to meet the needs of each customer. We also offer security guarantees. So far, due to New World Coins transactions with us, we have not been banned or suspended from any buyer's transactions. The ban rate of BuyNewWorldCoins is zero, and manual inventory resources are the best security guarantee for all buyers. On the other hand, BuyNewWorldCoins.com provides players with a regulated market to immediately buy and sell NW Coins at the lowest price.

What is a new world coin?
New World Coins are the primary currency used to purchase New World items at auction houses and build unparalleled levels. You can buy New World Coins from BuyNewWorldCoins.COM to improve your strength and competitiveness. On BuyNewWorldCoins, you can buy cheap, fast shipping, professional and safe New World Coins, thereby gaining a huge advantage in the MyTeam mode. Turn your team into one of the best. If you encounter any problems when purchasing New World Coins here, please feel free to contact us via LiveChat. Our service team will provide you with 24/7 online guidance.

What should be considered when buying Coins?
What will New World players consider before getting New World Coins? Through a simple Google search, you will find that quite a few websites deal with New World Coin transactions, which makes every participant stuck in the thorny question of which website is legal and which website is illegal. The following are the key variables to consider before obtaining Coins:

1. Check the reliability of the web page.

Is there any leakage of customer information?
We use professional cloud services and MD5 encryption of customer information. Therefore, the customer information on our website is safe.

Is the website design professional?
We have an experienced program development team and a UI design team. Therefore, our website is in a leading position in the industry regarding interface design and operating speed!

Is HTTPS used to establish a secure connection to ensure safe and reliable data transmission?
Yes, all our pages are transmitted via HTTPS.

Check the website’s comments and age to understand its safety and legality.
We will transfer the new world coins to your game account in the secure Player Auction P2P system and provide a 99% security guarantee. Therefore, you can get the safe Coins with the lowest risk of being banned on the reliable 2K Coins provider BuyNewWorldCoins.com and buy NBA 2K Coins safely.

2. It is indeed wise to consider the price range.
When looking for the New World Coins you want, you need to judge whether the price is reasonable. The cost should not be too high or too low. Please do not visit sites that offer low-cost coins, mainly because they may be insecure.

3. Understand the problems in the process of obtaining New World Coins.

Can the website be shipped quickly?
In the past five years, 90% of orders were completed within ten minutes! Some are completed or refunded within two days due to incorrect order information or short-time out of stock.

How much protection do we provide for coins?
The company’s risk control department has rigorously reviewed the suppliers who sell coins on our website. We can guarantee that the coins sold on our website are legal and safe!

How fast is Livechat answering questions?
BuyNewWorldCoins has five working groups working simultaneously. Our wiring probability is 99%. 80% of customers get answers within 1 minute and solve problems within 10 minutes!

What solutions are provided to customers who purchase New World Coins?
We provide customers with security guarantees and high-priced compensation solutions! If you encounter security problems when buying coins, or the price is too high, we will compensate according to the original price!

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