What FAQ you should know before entering the New World Closed beta?

Game: New World
Time: 2021-07-16 10:30:02
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New World is the open-world MMORPG of Amazon Games. The center of the operation is the continent of Aeternum, surrounded by the ocean. Take an adventure as an explorer and explore the vast unknown continent. All kinds of challenges await you, whether from the residents of the island or other players.


What FAQ you should know before entering the New World Closed beta?

When will the new world come out?
New World will be released on August 31, 2021, and the closed Beta from July 20 to August 2 will be the last chance to pre-test the game.
Therefore, if you are still unsure whether an MMORPG from Amazon is proper for you, you should use the closed Beta to learn more about the game. As there is no longer a confidentiality agreement for testing, some streamers may show the game.

When will the Beta start?

The New World closed Beta will start at around 6:30 PM Eastern Time on July 20, 2021, and will end at around 8:59 AM on August 2, 2021. You also need a Beta account, which is no longer under a non-disclosure agreement. So it can be played publicly.

How do I get the beta key?
If you want to participate in the public Beta, you can do it in two ways:
- All players can apply for access on the official website of New World. But this does not mean that every applicant can get it.
- All pre-orders can participate in the Closed Beta.-If you want to be safe and don't want to rely on luck, the only way is to pre-order the game. You can do this on Amazon product pages and Steam. Both options are linked to the New World booking page.

Is there an option to pre-download the game?
Unfortunately, nothing is known about this possibility. However, it seems that players will only receive their code at the beginning of the test.

Will my progress from alpha testing continue to Beta?
No, even players who have already tested the New World Alpha must start with Beta.

Will my testing progress continue to the release version?
No, the New World team has no definite answer to this question. All characters and game data will be reset upon release.

Can I test everything in the beta version?
Yes, the content should be unlimited.

What does role creation provide?
For fans of a wide range of options, the character creation of the new world should look quite sober. The only playable race is human. This makes the new world one of the games based on our natural world.
Once you make up your mind, you have several options to choose from. You can choose between male and female characters. These include different faces, facial details, hairstyles, hair, skin, eye colors, and scars and tattoos. The editor was only equipped with a few features when tested in August 2020, but it has been expanded during the alpha process.

Why can't I choose a course?
What is still missing in the context of role creation is the choice of classes. New World does not have the traditional professional functions of other MMOs. You cannot choose paladins, mages, or villains here.

How does the game start?
After a brief introduction, you will be washed up on the coast of Aeternum and the first area. In the first area, you must defend against an opponent, a fallen opponent. Here you can learn about the combat system.
Then you can use the first area for missions, allowing you to learn more about the different functions of the game. So it would be best if you took this opportunity to learn about the new world as soon as possible.
Then you complete further tasks in the first larger village and focus on reaching level 10. You get to level 10 and meet some necessary tasks, and then you can join one of the factions in the new world.

In the new world, you join one of three factions. They provide you with further missions and later exclusive faction equipment. You gain prestige, thereby increasing your level.
Predator - This faction is reminiscent of pirates. Based on this, this group believes that their freedom is more important than power.
Syndicate - Syndicate is a faction focused on the use of potions and magic. They are most likely to be compared to alchemists.
Covenant - Here are the classic crusaders. The Star Alliance is committed to fighting against the fallen, and more broadly, against evil.
If you have decided on one of the three factions, you can only change it after 120 days. You lose all reputation points.

Can I team up with other players in the new world?
Yes, because New World not only provides group functions but also provides its guild system. New World guilds are called companies, and their members can start different activities together. A company has up to 100 members, and they can be accessed from level 10.
The person in charge of the company is the governor, and his deputy is the consul. A company always belongs to a specific faction. The settlements and fortresses of the new world can be occupied or expanded by companies.

How does the battle in the new world feel?
The battle in the new world is tactical. You must attack, aim, dodge, and block independently. It is comparable to fighting in games such as Dark Souls.
Different weapons always have different ways of playing. When attacking with heavy weapons, your animation will slow down, so players can avoid them more easily. However, hits will cause more damage.
If you attack your enemies with small and fast weapons, you can dodge them harder, but the hits are not that destructive. In addition, combat operations can permanently be canceled at the right time.

How do weapon skills work?
As already mentioned, the New World does not use fixed occupations but instead builds a combat system around various types of weapons. Each weapon has its skill tree, allowing you to make multiple improvements.
Each weapon depends on three active skills that you can use in battle. You can also switch between 2 different weapons in battle.

In the first test of New World, the design of Quest was severely criticized. Amazon Games has taken this criticism to heart and modified the Quest system.

How to play the primary mission?
The main task of the new world is to guide the player through different areas and regions. The purpose is to allow players to explore Aeternum and uncover the secrets of the island. The main task should also serve as the player's direction from level 1 to level 60.
The start of the primary mission of the new world has also been revised. The story of preserving the Azoth Staff is an essential item in the fight against Aeternum's corruption, and it should be played better now.

How is the mission system modified?
I have modified the diversity of missions from the beginning, providing more variety, from Kill X Enemies and Collect Y Items. The task should also be better described now.
The player should understand his role in the Aeternum incident more and more efficiently and give the part a better identity. In addition, Aeternum trucks will also play a more significant role in the open world than before.
Finally, a soundtrack was introduced for the mission.

What do you do in the early game of the new world?
The beginning of the new world is leveling. Here, you will learn about different game mechanics, complete tasks, and get the first experience crafting and collecting items.
In addition to completing classic missions, you can also participate in world events in the new world, a group of players' tasks in the open world.
Starting at level 20, you can begin to live in the new world. To do this, you only need to buy a piece of land in the settlement. However, if you want to use all functions, you must pay a specific property tax. The house itself is instantiated.
What possibilities does the mid-term game offer? After reaching level 25, you can participate in new content. From now on, you can enter the first new world dungeon. By the way, the dungeons of the New World are called Expeditions.
The expedition can be entered by 3 to 5 players, allowing you to fight against powerful opponents. If you defeat them and complete the trip, you can get high-quality rewards. In addition to this personalized reward, you will also gain experience points so that you can improve your character through adventures.
In addition to dungeons, there are so-called invasions. To participate in them, you must reach level 50. Therefore, it is only available at the end of your level increase.
The invasion is a PvE battle against eight waves of corrupted enemies. The goal is to defend the settlement or city that is the target of the attack. This happens when players ignore corruption in the area for a long time.
Can I play PvP before the New World Endgame? Yes, it is possible. You as a faction representative or with your company to gather the most comprehensive experience in the open world.
Players who join one of the three factions can participate in open-world PvP. This is achieved by activating an option that allows you to enter PvP mode. If this is activated, then you can attack other players and be attacked. By the way, PvP status will grant you extra experience points.

What is a fortress war?
As a company member and at level 10, you can participate in one of the actual PvP content in the new world: War. In this siege battle, two teams of 50 players each compete to control the fortress and the entire territory.
If a company occupies a settlement or a fort, companies of other factions can declare war on it. The defenders then set a date to fight for the defense. All players can register to participate in the battle, but the leader decides who can participate.
The actual battle is instantiated, so players who are not participating cannot influence it. Siege weapons are available for players to attack and defend. If the attacker breaks the fortress and captures a point within a limited time, the ownership of the defense will be transferred to them.

Why discuss the topic of Pay2Win?

There has been a recent discussion that New World will sell items through its in-game store and You can Also Buy items via Auction House with New World Coin, which will give players a specific advantage over others. In particular, there are discussions about boosters for accelerated upgrades.
This topic was brought up after a leak on the New World Alpha forum. The discussion has attracted so much attention that the developers have spoken out, basically confirming the existence of this booster. You want to help the player in very little time.
At the same time, Amazon has also backed down and announced that items that can give players an advantage should not be on the shelves at the beginning of the game but as early as 2022, when players can already consume.