How to quickly reach the highest level in the new world

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You can create your character in the New World and use it to complete tasks or defeat monsters. There are some points of experience. You must collect this information to go from level 1 to the highest level 60. There are no courses in the new world. Instead, your weapon determines what skills you have, and your equipment will provide you with appropriate (or inappropriate) statistics. You can also assign attribute points every time you level up. Up to level 20, you can reset your distribution points for free. Therefore, it makes sense to test all weapons and various skills as early as possible. After all, you will not lose anything. To level up, it is recommended to use long-range weapons to attack opponents to gain the initial advantage. Many opponents will attack you in melee, so melee weapons are helpful. In addition, Secret 8 will tell you in more detail that many players will swear with a life stick, which not only restores life but is also helpful for sports.

You can use some tricks to gain more experience points:
If you enable PvP, you can get a 10% XP increase.
There is a faction committee in the settlement, where you can accept missions. Here, PvP missions can also provide more New World Coins.
When completing faction missions, choose the mission with the shortest route to save time.
In the adventure, you can upgrade each area. Choose additional XP rewards (if any) or get more prestige rewards to earn new rewards faster.
If you have not been online for a long time, there is a rest bonus.

However, the fastest way to reach level 60 is to cultivate world-class events called corruption violations and compete in groups.

Power level from 1 to 60-this is how it works.

What are you going to do first? To use this method, you must first complete all tasks until choosing a faction (between levels 10 and 13). After selecting a section, you can buy Azoth employees from the faction dealer.

From this point on, you can only compete through the World Series. This content will appear regularly and can only be carried out as a group. It is best to level up with 5 to 15 players.

How did you do it? Immediately after purchasing the employees, the Breach of Corruption (Breach of Corruption) specifically designed for level 25 is carried out. There you can upgrade to around level 25.

How to quickly reach the highest level in the new world

Starting at level 25, you will be upgraded to an event designed for level 35 until you reach level 35.

Then switch from level 45 to event. You go further and further north.

After reaching level 45, you will switch to Bruchberg at the northernmost point. In theory, you can get level 60 there. However, starting from level 50, you can also participate in the PvE invasion on the fortress or enter the background arena where you must fight the boss.

However, the mission of this arena can only be carried out from level 57.

How long does it take to level? If you are a good team, you can manage levels 1 to 50 in about 25 hours of competition. At this level, you can already experience almost everything in the New World. If you want to reach the maximum level of 60, you must spend some time again.

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