The new MMORPG released in 2021 and the outlook for the beginning of 2022

Game: New World
Time: 2021-10-25 10:07:07
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Some new and exciting MMORPGs have been released. We introduce you to previous games at BuyNewWorldCoins and provide you with an outlook for the rest of the year. What type of MMORPG are they? The games in this list are those released in 2021. However, they must have a full version or an early access version. We did not include the title in the alpha or beta. At the end of the list, you will also see prospects for games currently expected to appear in 2021. This article was created by MMORPG expert Jeck, who has played all these games for at least 20 hours.


The new MMORPG released in 2021 and the outlook for the beginning of 2022

New World
Environment: Dream|Designer: Games|Platform: PC|Release Date: September 28, 2021|Version: Buy2Play

New World is a sandbox MMO. You arrive at the mystical island of Aeternum, and Azoth is a weird product located on the island. On the island, you can expect the monsters, the rival NPC intrigues that enter into contact with Azoth, Corrupted, and the rival players you can deal with in optional PvP.

New World provides:
Three playable intrigues
In a non-level system, your armor and also weapons figure out the design of the game.
Missions and also occasions in the open world
A crucial manufacturing system, because you need to make your devices and also can patronize others
Real estate system
Multiple PvP settings, consisting of wars in 50v50
Beginning with six various dungeons.

How is the progress after the release?
The new world began to be extremely strong on Heavy Steam. On the first weekend after the launch, almost one million people were online at the same time. It places 2nd on the leaderboard and is one of the five most popular games on Vapor.
Nonetheless, some people slam that occasionally the queue is very long, and it has vanished now. Currently, there are various other difficulties:
Gamers will be prohibited if they are also reported often, particularly if they are abused throughout the war
The economic climate is experiencing a collapse
Web server transfer triggered New World Coins susceptibilities, so it was impaired again

Setting: Steampunk|Designer: So Game|System: COMPUTER|Release Date: October 20, 2021|Version: Free2Play

Elyon takes you into a steampunk world where you can execute goals, lose world employers, and discover dungeons. However, PvP is in the foreground.
You participated in a significant 100v100v100 fight in which siege tools, as well as airships, contributed. You can make use of machinery. However, you can additionally utilize magic.
Elyon draws in people's focus with its dynamic battle system. Runes, artifacts, and various other equipment need to additionally offer you a lot of freedom to sustain your play style.

Exactly how is the progress after the launch?
At the launch weekend, Elyon had virtually 15,000 synchronized players, so it was far from the value of Bless Unleashed or New World. For lots of people, the new MMORPG from Asia is also generic as well as compatible.


Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis
Setting: Sci-Fi | Developer: Sega | Platforms: PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S | Release time: June 9, 2021 | Model: Free2Play

New Genesis is a bit like the sequel to Phantasy Star Online 2, a space online role-playing game released in Japan in 2012 and came to us in the West in 2020. However, the two games are closely connected, so you can play them in one client and get some bonuses from one game to another. Old characters can still be used.
With New Genesis, PSO 2 is more like an MMORPG. An open-world comes into play, where you can level up, fight with bosses, and most importantly, you can hang out with other players.
Another positive aspect is the improved graphics and new engine, from which the old PSO 2 has benefited.

What's so special about this?
In New Genesis, you will explore unfamiliar worlds in which you can compete with your enemies through an active and action-packed combat system. You can dodge, jump high, and even fly in it, making it an exciting MMO.
The game provides you with six different classes with different skills. You can also learn a second class and mix skills and change the class at any time according to your role.
In the Free2Play game store, minor improvements in the quality of life and a lot of decorative content are waiting for you, but there is no Pay2Win.

How is the progress after the release?

At the time of its release, the number of players of Phantasy Star Online 2 on Steam has soared. From the previous average of approximately 5,200 players in January 2021, this number has risen to an average of 17,580 players in the past 30 days.

However, these figures are now significantly down again. This is mainly because little content has been published for New Genesis so far. This is also the most significant criticism of MMORPG players. They found that the game was launched months in advance.

Swords of Legends Online
Setting: Wuxia | Developer: Juvty Worlds | Platform: PC | Release Date: July 9th, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play

What kind of game is this?
Gameforge launched MMORPGs of Legends Online (SOLO) from China in 2021. This is a classic theme park game that provides you with many missions and linear stories.
The focus of the endgame is dungeons of different difficulty levels, PvP content, houses, and various life skills that make the game stand out from the competition. In addition, new content has been announced in events, more dungeons, and different modes of raids.
You can find a detailed test report on SOLO here: The Juggernaut, who I played for 80 hours, said: MMORPG is much better than you think.

What's so special about this?
Legendary Sword stands out with its exquisite graphics and fair equipment system. Unlike other Asian MMORPGs, there is no opportunity to upgrade equipment and no risk of damage.
MMORPG offers six different playable occupations-Deathbringer, Summoner, Bard, Sword Mage, Berserker, and Spearmaster-each, with two specialties and no gender lock.
Another highlight is the store, which not only exempts Pay2Win but also exempts Pay2Convience. So when you invest real money, there are no XP boosters, pockets, bank extensions, and no other attractive advantages.

How is the progress after the release?
The release of SOLO went very smoothly. There are no server crashes in Europe, despite the delays and queues of mission monsters in some densely populated areas.
Although this is a very positive start, the hype about the game is somewhat lacking:
On July 12th, SOLO had a peak of 18,701 players (via SteamCharts) on Steam. This means it was on the Valve platform before games like SWTOR, Albion Online, or RuneScape. Together with the players on the Gameforge client itself and the users on Epic, the total number of players is higher.
SOLO currently has 1,772 comments on Steam, 76% of which are positive. The game almost entered the list of the highest-rated MMORPGs on Steam (from 79%).

Bless Unleashed
Environment: Fantasy | Developer: Round 8 Studio | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: August 6, 2021 | Model: Free2Play

What kind of game is this?
Bless Unleashed is an open-world action MMORPG set in the same world as Bless Online.

What's so special about this?
The focus of Bless Unleashed is the active and dynamic combat system, as well as the various challenges that existed in the early days of MMORPG.
As a result, you can already defeat your first instantiated boss with other players at level 5 and visit many dungeons during the level. In addition, in the open world, you will repeatedly encounter bosses that many players must defeat. This brings an excellent MMO feel.

How is the progress after the release?
Bless Unleashed initially had a firm number of players on Steam. On the day of launch, more than 76,000 players were online at the same time. Since the release of the new MMORPG (via Steamcharts), an average of 41,600 players has been playing this MMORPG every day.
However, especially at the beginning, Bless Unleashed received a lot of negative reviews. Some people particularly criticized the old Bless Online, which was discontinued on Steam after nearly a year. However, some people criticized the open PvP, Pay2Win, and sometimes unstable combat system.


Outlook for the beginning of 2022
2021 is an excellent year for MMORPG followers. Because in addition to the significant developments of ESO, Final Dream XIV, or WoW Standard, lots of new video games have appeared for the very first time in years. We briefly summarized what you could expect this year.

Lost ARK

Lost Ark is a high-quality action MMORPG from the ISO point of view, similar to Diablo 3. It is not Hack's Slaughter, yet a full-featured MMORPG: the designers themselves contrasted it to Guild Wars 2.
You develop a hero, check out a substantial fantasy world, and do beasts and Earn Lost Ark Gold on one side:
There are 12 classes with different abilities.
In the raid, you will encounter an effective employer opponent together.
As you recognize from hack 'n' kills, the game is played from an iso point of view.
PvP happens in a sector where various other players complete.
You can relocate right into your residence and use it as a warehouse for unneces.


Corepunk is a top-down MMORPG with an open world. In terms of visuals and gameplay, many are reminiscent of League of Legends. You use the mouse instead of WASD to control your character, and you must also launch skills on it.
At the same time, Core Punk is a classic MMORPG. According to the developer, it should be reminiscent of the traditional difficulty of World of Warcraft. In the game, you can expect:
Dungeon and raid should be comparable to myth+ (the most significant problem in World of Warcraft)
Mounts you can only get from a certain level
Lots of PvE content in the open world
Arena PvP
There are four collections and four craft occupations, and the best craftsmen can also produce equipment close to the raid level. One of the professions is fishing.

When will MMORPG be released?
Corepunk will be officially unveiled at the end of 2021. The first beta test was conducted in August 2020.