New World Void Gauntlet is a powerful new weapon that is very suitable for single players

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Time: 2021-11-17 09:41:08
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In the next update 1.0.6 patch, New World will get its first new weapon since its release. Void Gauntlet mixes damage and healing abilities. That makes them very powerful not only for therapists but especially for single-player players in the open world. The BuyNewWorldCoins editor has tried it on the PTR server. What kind of weapon is Void Gauntlet? Void Gauntlet is a magic weapon, which changes with the attributes of intelligence but also changes with concentration. So far, only the life rod has been intensively scaled, which makes the weapon directly interesting for every healer. In general, Void Gauntlet values ​​CC, a lot of self-healing ability, and acceptable damage. That makes them particularly interesting for single-player players in the open world who often encounter life-point problems. We will introduce you to the capabilities and ideal application areas of the weapon in more detail.


When will Void Gauntlet appear?
It should appear in a significant update That week. You can find more information about the update here: New World: Update 1.0.6 will be released That week-what. Do we know before the patch notes are released?

Six skills in preview
The new weapon provides you with two skill trees - Annihilation and Decay.
Both types of trees have destructive powers and advantageous healing-related effects. However, the important thing about treatment is that it only changes with concentration. Those who play with high intelligence will not benefit from the treatment. If you want to stop, you will lose your life point. That is the so-called essence harvest, a special effect of weapons. You did not block but converted life into mana. You will take minor damage from the essence harvest with some passive products and even reduce the cooldown time. So Void Gauntlet pays more attention to your escape or restoration of life through life stealing rather than protecting yourself with blocks.

What is the role of Annihilation?
The Void Gauntlet skill transforms your automatic attack from a ranged attack to a melee attack. It lasts 15 seconds, and the CD is 25 seconds. Then you can use light attack and heavy attack, and each attack will result in a debuff Decay. The Decay causes 5% additional weapon damage in 8 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. You can also gain enhancements through passive effects, 10% extra critical strike damage, and 5% health through Decay.
The voidability creates a 5 m field around you, causing 30% weapon damage per second. That field lasts for 6 seconds and provides authorization for you and your allies. Other passive effects weaken the enemy, and you and your Allies gain +15 stamina per second.
The petrified scream skill is a ranged attack that causes 100% weapon damage and freezes the enemy 2 seconds. The passive effect will extend the duration of the freeze and get reinforcements for each enemy hit.
The final ultimate passive will provide you with a layer of doomsday essence every time you hit the skill. After stacking six layers, these will be used up, and you will get an aura that causes 30% weapon damage to nearby enemies and 30% weapon damage to allies. That effect lasts for 5 seconds and has a CD of 20 seconds.
Some passive effects will cause you more damage (damage + 10% when the mana is lower than 50%, and 10% more critical strike chance when the health is higher than 50%), and the ability to self-repair (you will be heavy Hit) 15% of the damage caused as a treatment).

What is the role of Decay?
The Decay Sphere skill fires an unstoppable bullet, causing 100% weapon damage and causing Decay. The decay causes 5% additional weapon damage in 8 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Once the ball reaches its maximum range, it will turn into a healing ball and return to you. It heals 20% of weapon damage every second.
The passive effect will provide you with 5% mana for every enemy hit. The enemy is slowed, and you will get a new option. Once you press the ability button again, the ball will explode. Depending on its stage, it will cause damage or heal allies.
The creepy yoke ability binds you to the enemy. When you walk more than 15 m, the handcuffs will break. That will decrease by 4% every second, and you will increase by 4% (up to 20%). The passive effect provides you with additional mana regeneration when the shackles are activated. If the target dies while the restraints are started, it will heal you for 80% of your weapon damage.
The Rending Essence skill is a projectile that can stick to the target for 10 seconds. Anyone who attacks the hit target will receive 20% damage as a healing amount. The passive effect also provides the player with 15 stamina when shooting and heals 80% of weapon damage at the end of Rending Essence.
The ultimate passive ability at the end of the tree allows you to build a bunch of doom essence with each command. After stacking four layers, the next heavy Hit will reset all cooldowns of Void Gauntlet.
The skill tree also contains interesting passive effects, including helpful self-healing (dodging with full mana can heal 80% of your weapon damage) or additional damage (causing 10% of further damage to targets at least 8 meters away).

Void strengthens allies
Screaming allows you to root the enemy.
Decay Sphere causes damage, but mainly AoE treatment, which is very useful for dungeons and PvP.
Here we also suggest killing the tree Annihilation to the end. We built a build here that looked useful on paper and in initial testing. That is mainly for PvP players, who should also rely on the rod of life and heavy armor:

New World Void Gauntlet is a powerful new weapon that is very suitable for single players

On the other hand, That weapon is aimed at solo players who want extra healing in the open world. Void Gauntlet, strange shackles, and tearing essence skills are particularly interesting here.
Void Gauntlet does a lot of damage in melee combat
The creepy shackles deliberately weaken the enemy and strengthen you in return
If you consciously attack a target, the tearing essence will provide a lot of self-healing
Many passive self-healing effects are also favorable for single players. Here, we recommend lowering the level of the Scene of Doom effect in the Decay tree. As a second weapon, it is either a life stick or a weapon that relies on intelligence. That is the second attribute of the Gauntlets of Doom.
Possible construction of personnel focused on damage and life might look like That:


A powerful weapon for healers, especially single players
What is the first impression? The elemental damage of Void Gauntlet looks good. The automatic attack is smooth and relatively fast. In the first battle in the low-level area, proportionally, the Gauntlets of Doom left a deep impression.
The weapon even played a minor role in duels with other players who did not use disaster gloves. With the Blade of Doom and the looting of life, people can even survive hand-to-hand combat with tomahawk and Axe users. Most importantly, life-stealing is helpful in all situations.
I did not find the fact that I could not stop the problem. Usually, you want to attack or heal with That weapon anyway.

Who is the new weapon suitable for Play?
That weapon is particularly interesting for therapists who are looking for supplements for their living staff. Void, Petrified Scream, and Decay Ball skills are fascinating in PvP.


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