New World will undergo its first significant update next week

Game: New World
Time: 2021-11-13 10:38:25
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The New World contains familiar content that we can see from other games but choose to activate important content in other friendly games to create a better player experience. The game has a unique perspective on PvE combat, not a typical click keyboard spell, but a significant blow with the mouse. New World also pays great attention to PvP and production. This will make you more involved in how to increase the character's statistics.

It's also nice that you don't need a subscription to play the game. You only pay for it once. You can buy things from in-store stores, but there is no need to play games like most games set up in this way.
Overall, I like this game and can't wait to see what the developers bring to us.


New World will undergo its first significant update next week

The developer introduced the first significant update of New World in a blog post. This brings a lot of new content, a PTR server, and some quality of life changes announced in advance. We have summarized everything important to you at BuyNewWorldCoins. As has now been confirmed in the New World forum, the big update will appear next week. However, there is no specific date yet.

What was the first big patch?
1. The new weapon of the Doomsday Gauntlets that was teased before
2. New enemy types in the form of Varangi hunters will appear in camps in different regions
3. Groups of wizards, beetles, pirate crocodiles, and other new enemies in the form of models
4. The new Quests begins in Westfall.
5. In the new Quests of the Legendary Doomsday Gauntlet, you must first use weapons to reach levels 60 and 20
6. Three new PvP faction Quests
7. Some game improvements, including linked trading posts, have caused significant discussions, revisions to the Main Quests, and adjustments to the expedition, which should ensure more New World Coin.

What do we know about the new enemy?
The Varangian hunters came from the north and tried to establish a foothold in the dawn, the king's stone, and the fall area. For this, they set up a new camp there.
Due to its location in the novice zone, even low-level players can challenge new enemies. In addition, you can accept new Quests from Abigail Rose in the west of Immerfall.
In addition, new enemy models were announced to replace some of the old enemies.

What are the tasks of the three new factions?
Control points
-These tasks require you to control the fortress.
Interception-Defeat the members of the enemy faction and collect their tears.
War camp loot-find hidden plans in the enemy camp.

Void Gauntlet as the highlight of the update
Void Gauntlet is a magic weapon comparable to ice guards. According to the official description, they should represent a mixture of DPS and support.
The weapon varies with intelligence and concentration attributes, which allows it to be used in conjunction with life staff or other magic weapons.

As before, each of these trees has two skill trees and three skills:
Tree Extinction focuses on maximizing damage in close combat and revolving around the blade of destruction, a magic blade with corrosive destruction energy.
The Decaying Tree provides long-range healing and debuff spells that revolve around the Decay Ball. This is a two-phase projectile that can weaken enemies and heal allies.
The function of the weapon has been discovered in the data mining of the beta version. So far, everything shows that the leak correctly predicted the skill.