New World MMO has introduced mighty WarHammers, But all look the same

Game: New World
Time: 2021-05-28 11:16:30
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In a series of tweets, Amazon's new world of MMO introduced another Weapon: War hammer. However, from a visual perspective, they are not much different from each other, and the fans are disappointing. In Amazon's new world MMO, you, as a player, can carry various weapons, train with them, master them, and release excellent skills. In addition to swords, bows, and wizards, there are also substantial war hammers, which have been introduced in a series of tweets by New World.


New World MMO has introduced mighty WarHammers, But all look the same

These are the advantages and disadvantages of Warhammer

These are the advantages of a powerful Warhammer:
the War hammer is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the new world, and it has a more extended range than a sword. Powerful strikes are very suitable to break the blockade of opponents, and their far-reaching strikes have hit multiple targets.

These are the shortcomings of Warhammers: Although War hammer may be powerful, they also have drawbacks. Due to their size, they are one of the slowest melee weapons in MMO and must be raised with both hands. The protective cover cannot be installed during this period. Especially agile fighters and bow and arrow and shotgun shooters can be very dangerous to you.

New World has introduced three battle hammers in its tweets:

Pirate's War hammer
: It can only be found in Deadman's Anchor, a dangerous pirate fortress in Cutlass Keys of level 25 groups. The combination of "Electrized" and "Lost Bane" effects makes the weapon very powerful against the lost.

Ancient War hammer: Plundered by old enemies. At least one privilege is guaranteed, and there can be up to 3 privileges for higher versions!

Residual hatred: The legendary hammer can be found in the most dangerous corruption and destruction in Aeternum. It is mighty against corrupt enemies.
Even though they have different attributes, all three look almost the same. The legendary sword that Amazon launched a few weeks ago has encountered the same problem.