Ten tips to know before entering MMO New World

Game: New World
Time: 2021-05-27 16:17:14
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MMO New World is currently holding a preview event, and many players are already busy testing it. BuyNewWorldCoins has organized ten tips for you, which are very helpful for getting started in the game. What kind of incident was that? The preview event will be held in New World on September 5. Pre-orders, Alpha testers, and players who register for the Beta version in advance can all play MMO. We are also walking around in New World and have played a lot of roles. We want to introduce you to the knowledge learned in these techniques. We want to get a general overview of New World, and you can find our detailed test report here.


Ten tips to know before entering MMO New World


Use a campfire to rebirth.
Any player can place the bonfire almost anywhere in the world. This is cheap and allows you to make it by hand in your current location. But the bonfire has a more critical role.
It can be used as a place of rebirth.
Therefore, if you know that you will be collecting and searching in the area for a more extended period, or if you face a significant challenge that could kill you, you should build a bonfire as soon as possible.

Decide on factions and join the Factions.
Between levels 10 and 13, you will learn about three factions in the game, and you should join one of them:
Predator-a faction is reminiscent of pirates. Much here is about freedom rather than power.
Covenants-these are crusaders dedicated to fighting evil and corrupt people.
Syndicate-Alchemist faction focused on potions and magic.
After joining a faction, you can create your own company or join a coalition. After all, you should do this because New World is an MMO, and for many players, it's just more interesting.
You can also use them to conquer or defend the fortress. Participating in a PVP war in the new world can already be achieved by joining the camp.

Disassembled weak current equipment
New World's inventory uses a weight system. If you carry too much with you, it will slow down. Equipment found with you can also contaminate merchandise. But you can quickly solve the problem.
Just use the right mouse button + S key, and the discovered device will be removed. This will provide you with materials that can be used to repair your current equipment.
As a rule of thumb: If the device is weaker than yours and not worth selling in AH, please remove it immediately.

Use camps in the city
Another trick to avoid unnecessary weight in inventory is to store raw materials in cities. These items are only located in this particular residential area, but the cool thing is that you can automatically access the items stored there for handmade.
Therefore, unless you want to change the location, you don't even have to take them out of the camp.

Always put on ammunition and food.
You will continue to fill your inventory with arrows, rifle ammunition, and various foods during the adventure. However, if you equip these items, even if you don't want to use hands, they won't take up more space in your inventory.
Helpful tips to save space.

More luggage at higher levels
The last point about inventory is about more pocket space. You will automatically unlock when you reach levels 30 and 45. So if you are close to these milestones, pull them apart to do more on the way.

Fast travel is like this.
If you want to save on long walks in New World, you can go to the settlement quickly. Just open the map, select the corresponding residential area, and click Quick Travel.
However, each trip will cost Azoth (a currency in New World), except for the residence you set as home (Hearthstone in World of Warcraft). However, it has a one-hour CD. In turn, Azoth can be earned by defeating difficult opponents or participating in world competitions against corrupt elements.
Another helpful tip: You can't travel fast when fully loaded. However, you can watch and be reborn in the city. Thanks to MeinMMO reader Thomas Lauterbach.

Tips for fast travel
In New World, the run from A to B can be difficult and exhausting. That's why we are here to provide you with two tips.
On the one hand, New World cars have been stubbornly moving forward. However, like many MMORPGs, this is not on R or Num, but on `. However, you can make changes to the options.
On the other hand, you should carry a life stick with you and raise it to level 5. Here, you can choose the skills Arcane Power, Light Speed ​​, and Universe Transfer from the Lifebuoy on the tree. This skill allows you to teleport and move faster.

Get more XP through PvP
If you want to take a risk on the road of New World, you can activate the optional PvP. This allows other players to attack you, but your experience points in all activities will increase by 10%. But please make sure that you can only activate and deactivate PvP in the settlement.

It would help if you had the ground level of the house.
To increase your storage space in the city or build your own house, New World provides an exciting housing system. To own your own house, you must reach level 15 in the corresponding area. Then, you can buy one house in each location in the game, for a total of 3 houses. However, every house has to pay for repairs every week, which can be expensive.