How Many players are playing a month after the release of the New World?

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The beginning of the New World produced impressive numbers. On October 3, the Sunday after the release, a total of 913,634 players were playing the New World at the same time. This puts it at #5 in the historical peak on Steam, but there are positive reports about the start of the game. Most of these players can't play at all.

This is due to a large number of queues, as each server can only hold approximately 2,000 players simultaneously. As a result, some fans queued for more than 10 hours before finally being able to play. Although Amazon regularly releases new servers, the problem persisted for two weeks. This attracts its tail because the player only quits when necessary.

The fans pressed the W button and would instead run against the wall all night, then be kicked by the AFK timer and have to line up again. Of course, this doesn't make the problem any better because when the player stops withdrawing, the queue will only slowly get smaller. Queuing is now essentially a thing of the past, and anyone who wants to play in the New World can do so.

This is mainly because the run on the MMORPG is no longer as big as it was initially.


How Many players are playing a month after the release of the New World?

Currently, an entire month after the release, there are still 375,482 people playing New World during the 24-hour peak period. So less than half of the people who played the big sprint at the beginning.
In the past two weeks, the number of players has remained relatively stable, between 375,000 and 550,000 users during the 24-hour peak period. This means that the New World is still far ahead of other representatives, such as Bless Unleashed or Final Fantasy XIV, and even ahead of the famous GTA 5 on Steam.

Why is the number of players falling?
1. With such a big hype, before the start of the game, the number of players dropped relatively quickly, which is the usual thing in the world. But in the context of the New World, what is the reason for this?
2. There are more than 900,000 people, and many people want to try the game and soon realize that they are not satisfied with the game.
3. Only one week after the release, the number of players dropped by an average of about 200,000. In most cases, this is equivalent to someone who is not in the mood for the New World or wants to see it.
4. Many players are currently leaving the game because there is little to do in the final stages. A problem not only in the New World. Other more unique massively multiplayer online role-playing games, such as Sword and Romance Online or Phantasy Star Online 2: New Century, have also lost fans for the same reason.

Players who have reached level 60 are currently leaving the New World quickly because the title has some problems that can only be noticed at the highest level:
1. Large-scale highest-level PvP mode Outpost Rush has been disabled for a long time due to an error, and it is still
2. Level 55 Corruption Portal has long been tapped and will not close
3. You cannot craft the key to enter two 60-level expeditions
4. In PvP wars, many people deliberately use gameplay to achieve victory. This makes many players feel frustrated.
5. This may be the reason why the number of players is currently declining slowly. More and more people are presently reaching level 60, so Amazon should soon come up with some solutions in the final stage.

Nevertheless, the New World is not currently in danger. Even though the number has declined, the current number of players is still perfect. One month after the release, the New World is in good condition in terms of numbers. One month after its release, the New World is still in good condition. The servers are overcrowded, but not so full that you have to wait in line. Overall, the number of players looks good. Amazon has fixed many issues encountered during the game's release.

Nevertheless, there are still many issues at play. So far, there is a complete lack of roadmaps for new content or similar content. Developers rarely communicate how to proceed.

The game experience started very well, and there was almost no reduction in upgrading to level 60, but once it arrived, many players lost the fun of the New World. At present, whether you will enjoy this game for a long time depends mainly on how you play.

New World made a surprisingly good start on Steam, and despite many problems, it still performed well a month later. Amazon must now react, fix the problem, fix the error, and resolve the balance problem. If there is a roadmap to provide good content for level 60 players, then MMORPG will likely remain high for a long time.

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