How does New World use strategy to Quickly Level Up?

Game: New World
Time: 2021-10-19 15:05:42
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New World is a video game where updating will undoubtedly give you an unwinded and fantastic feeling, but it is not without problems. One of the benefits of online games is that different concerns can be fixed in real time, and the new world currently has several goals at the door, starting from the world change. Their existing mechanics, things, and adventures suffice to maintain you active for a couple of weeks. Also, I hope they will certainly add even more material to expand the excitement in the future. If you are an MMORPG fanatic and have the perseverance to farm resources when attacked by mad animals, you will have fun in Aeternum. Or else, you might need to wait a while before you can make some changes. Here BuyNewWorldCoins shares exactly how to update in the new world quickly and also how to select tasks?


How does New World use strategy to Quickly Level Up?

How to reach level 60 quickly?
According to the editor of BuyNewWorldCoins, players mainly focus on crafts and urban projects. They are not that strong at the lower levels, but they later become more essential and often underestimated by players. Rotate three cities and move forward at the fastest speed

How does it work?
Upgrade to level 20 relatively typically, and follow the story and side Quests — improved various craft skills.

This is an essential part of the upgrade strategy:
On the one hand, the production skills bring a lot of experience
On the other hand, the better the Quests on the city board, the higher your skills. The important milestones are the 50, 75, and 100 levels of the related subjects.

To complete the city task as efficiently as possible, a triangle composed of 3 large cities was selected: Windkreis, Immerfall, and Konigsfels:
Our journey began in Windkreis, where he accepted the mission. Then he ran north until he fell. There are hares, wolves, and turkeys along the way, all of which are important to the task.
In any case, We accepted the task again and walked towards Konigsfels. There is a lot of iron on the road.
We will either teleport back to Windkreis from Konigsfels or escape. Hemp and leather are easy to find along the way.
When he got there, he completed all the production tasks. We did this because the city belongs to his faction, and the taxes there are correspondingly low. If you want to follow this method, you should also pay attention to this.
We also quickly earned a lot of New World Coins through explorer Quests and then bought a house, which made his city trip more straightforward and cheaper.
We did this for the first 1.5 to 2 days. Then he bought a second house in Lichtholz and included this city in his rotation.

Which Quests are outstanding?
The task of the armorer
The task of the armorer
Travel regulations
T1 and T2 food Quest
Kill wolves, bison, rabbits, etc.-you can get meat from them later for other Quest.
All tasks for collecting and improving raw materials, except wood

Which  Quests  are wrong?
Tasks of collecting and processing wood