New World Weapon Tier List

Game: New World
Time: 2022-01-14 09:11:12
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New World features a slew of weapons, and you will have noticed some weapons feel much stronger than others. No matter which faction New World players join, the best weapons to use in the game stay the same.

Weapons Tier List is one of the most searched queries by many players in the New World. Weapons in the New World are divided into four categories: one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, ranged weapons, and magical weapons. So today, let's find out which weapons are the best for PvP and PvE.

Before heading deeper into the article, please take our New World weapon tier list with a pinch of salt.

S Tier – The S Tier picks dominate the New World weapon tier list because of their sheer power, utility, or overall usefulness.
A Tier – The A Tier has very good weapons that work fine. However, they appear to have a clear weakness that stops them from being top. Unless, of course, those weaknesses are managed properly.
B Tier – B Tier weapons are completely average. They are perfectly viable to use and can work well with particular builds.
C Tier – Slightly below average weapons that probably want a buff, or the player base hasn't quite figured them out just yet.
D Tier – Completely useless.

Simply put, using S-tier or A-tier weapons are players' best bets when duking it out on the island of Aeternum. However, since New World features a real-time combat system dependent on player movements and aim, player preference comes into play when choosing a weapon. Some players may not succeed using an S-tier weapon but destroy the battlefield with a B-tier weapon.

PvE Weapon Tier List

S-tier: Life Staff, Hatchet, Great Axe, Void Gauntlet
A-tier: Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, Warhammer, Sword and Shield
B-tier: Rapier, Spear, Bow, Musket

The S-tier of PvE weapons is led by weapons that can sustain the player and deal massive damage. The Void Gauntlet allows players to switch between a DPS and a healer, which makes it the most versatile weapon on this list. The Great Axe provides sustainable AoE damage with the opportunity to equip lifestyle perks. The Hatchet has a rapid damage output and a Berserk perk that provides buffs to healing, damage, and movement speed. Although its damage output is low, New World's Life Staff is essential for healing players in group play or solo.

PvP Weapon Tier List

S-tier: Sword and Shield, Life Staff, Void Gauntlet, Bow
A-tier: Hatchet, Great Axe, Ice Gauntlet, Rapier
C-tier: Fire Staff, Spear, Warhammer, Musket

The S-tier of PvP weapons in New World caters toward tanks, healers, and long-range DPS characters. The Sword and Shield are objectively the best-tanking weapons in the game due to their shield. The Life Staff is the quintessential healing weapon, especially in groups, making it an S-tier weapon in PvP and PvE. The Void Gauntlet allows players to switch between DPS and healing, especially useful when playing solo. Finally, the Bow can be a devastating long-range weapon if the user has the proficient aiming ability.

These weapons can be obtained in several ways: Using New World Amazon Coins to buy, Through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses or as rewards for completing Quests.

That's all about the New World Weapons Tier List. To know more about this game, check out our tips and tricks on our New World page.