Lost Ark Coin of Courage: How to earn PvP currency and rewards

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Time: 2022-05-25 16:29:44
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Coins of Courage can now be earned by participating in Lost Ark's PvP modes, but what is this Lost Ark currency, and can it buy any rewards? As an MMO, Lost Ark offers players a wide and varied set of activities to immerse themselves in.

Whether it's exploring the vast world of Arcesia, participating in Guardian raids, or even completing dungeons, Smilegate ensures that players are rewarded no matter what they do. Unfortunately, this does not apply to PvP at the time of release, which was part of the game but did not offer players any rewards. Until the March update, the developers started laying the groundwork for future PvP updates.

They have added a new currency to Lost Ark with Coins of Courage, but what are they, and how can they be spent?



What are Coins of Courage in Lost Ark?


Coins of Courage can be earned by competing in PvP modes.

Valor Coins is a currency added in the March update that players can earn by competing in Lost Ark's PvP modes. Keep in mind that you will need a character that has reached level 27 to participate in PvP.

Don't worry about your equipment, as in arenas, everyone's strength is balanced, so it's all about skills. Here you will earn Coins of Courage by winning matches and showing your best qualities.

You will receive a certain amount of Coins of Courage each week based on your PvP rating, so it's essential to get as high a level as possible.



Coins of Valor Rewards & Merchants in the Lost Ark


Coins of Courage can be spent at merchants.

While there aren't many places to spend Coins of Courage, a merchant will likely show up at the start of the season. 1 with a set of rewards that players can purchase.

This may be due to the few Quartermasters found in most cities in the PvP arenas. If you're struggling to find them, try looking for the shield icon marked on the map.

Once the PvP Season starts this month, players are expected to be able to purchase materials for gear, mounts, titles, and auras. So make sure you've as much as possible.


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