How to Quickly improve the Crafting Harvesting skills of New World

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Crafting is significant in the new world. Plants in harvesting work play an important role here because they produce light equipment, magic weapons, and potions. BuyNewWorldCoins shows you how to improve your harvesting skills in this guide quickly. Harvesting is a gathering skill used to gather fibers, herbs, agricultural products, fungi, elements, and some craft models in the new world. It needs an equipped sickle.

Anyone involved in mining will encounter various collection materials:
- Mushroom: Collect from level 0
Herbs, pumpkins, corn, and other agricultural plants-start at level 0 to collect and start at level 20 to track
- Marijuana: start at level 0 to collect, start at level 25 to track
- Magical creatures: level 0 collections, level 175 traceable
- Magical Plants: start at level 30 to collect, start at level 45 to track
- Milkweed: collect from level 100 and track from level 125
- Wire: Collectable at level 175, traceable at level 200

Use the right tools to improve your level faster.
Are tools that important?
Yes, they are. The higher the quality of your tools, the faster you can collect plants. This also has an impact on the faster leveling of the harvest. Whenever possible, try to make or buy better tools.

Which reaping sickle is best?
In this overview, you will find single harvesting scythes with value and when you can unlock them with your character level. We also list the recommended passive benefits.

Harvest sickle iron:

It can be used passively from character level 5-1.

Harvest Discipline: More harvest experience.


Harvest Sickle Steel:

It can be used from character level 17-there maybe two passives.
Harvest Discipline: More harvest experience.
Harvest labor income: harvest labor to obtain more raw materials.

Reaping Scythe Star Metal

It can be used from character level 36-there may be three passives.
Harvest Discipline: More harvest experience.
Harvest labor income: harvest labor to obtain more raw materials.
Azoth extraction or harvesting wealth: the former- gives you a chance to obtain Azoth after collection and another opportunity to increase rare materials during the harvesting process.

Harvest Sickle Orichalcum
It can be used from character level 52-there may be three passives.
Harvest labor income: harvest labor to obtain more raw materials.
Azoth Extraction: Azoth's Opportunity
Harvest luck: an opportunity for rare materials

Leven harvest work quickly-this is the way.

Levels 1 to 100:

At this level, you will make the most of the fun of collecting herbs, hemp, and blueberries. These three raw materials bring the most significant EP in a relatively short decomposition process. Magical plants get less XP, take longer to decompose, and are less common.

The largest and most profitable Items can be found in Windkreis between the fortress and the port of the primary Quest:

Since this place is overcrowded, we would like to introduce you to another option. In the first ray of sunlight, you will find many herbs.
The cool thing is: you are in a city, and you can empty your inventory at any time. There are also some iron and silver veins on the edge of the mountain if you want to level up too.
If you are at a high level but still need to complete the harvest, you will find a large piece of herbs in regular proportions:

Levels 100 to 175:

Windkreis's route is still the best choice for going forward, even at higher levels. There, you will continue to get the fastest experience in the shortest possible time.
Silk plants have been added, and there are also clusters of plants in some places, but there are no other options nearby. You have to wait for rebirth.
If you still want to collect higher materials and have a substitute, you will find it in balsa:

Level 175 to level 200:

If you want to take the harvest to the lower level of 200, you can continue to farm in Windkreis or Lichtholz.
However, the senior role has a good choice in Edenhain. A lot of thread fibers grow in one place there.

How to Quickly improve the Crafting Harvesting skills of New World

Other advantages make it easier for you to upgrade
Extra intelligence brings a bonus: the more intelligence sinks in the attribute window, the more advantages you will gain when you harvest:
50 points or more = + 10% harvesting speed
100 points or more = 5% chance to find Azoth at harvest
150 points or more = 10% weight reduction due to harvested items
200 points or more = + 10% harvesting speed
250 points or more = 10% increase in yield at harvest

Using the regional calling card collect, you can harvest plants faster, which means you can gain experience more quickly. If you mainly collect plants in an area, you can use this buff.


Like most games, New World does take some time to get your Crafting Harvesting skills to level 200. There is no real quick fix other than trial and error and some initial time to make sure you keep upgrading in the game to get better returns. Crafting does have some reliable ways to Earn New World Coins faster than others. Please try to find the best challenge for you as your priority. Then develop your Crafting Skills so that you can get higher dividends. The more friends you have, the greater your chance of making NW Coins.

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