How To Build and Upgrade Camping In New World

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Camping is a neat feature in “New World” that lets players set up a campfire almost anywhere in the open world. Camps serve as rudimentary crafting stations, respawn points, and resting places for players who plan to stay in the wilderness for long periods. Also, it serves as a respawn when you are killed. For players who love to spend their time in “New World” exploring everything Aeternum has to offer, here’s a guide on how to build and upgrade camps. Let’s get started!

Before you can start upgrading your camp, you have to unlock it. So you’ll need to work your way through the main questline until you meet the Survivalist of your starting area. Here you’ll be given a quest to visit a wolf den and build a camp. All you need to do now is head out of town, gather up the needed materials to craft the camp: one Flint and five Green Wood, and then plop it down on an empty plot of land. Flint is just littering the ground of the overworld, and greenwood can be simply gathered from bushes and shrubs. The nice thing about this is that you don’t need any gathering skills or tools to make a camp. It is also worth noting that you cannot build your camp on landmarks, which is why you’ll often see a lot of camps strewn about the main roads.

With the camp unlocked, now is the time to improve it better. To unlock each tier of the camp’s upgrade path, you’ll need to complete an associated quest that can be picked up in one of the different regions you visit throughout your time in New World.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need to do to upgrade your camp from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

Tier 2 – Reach level 15 and complete Friends in Fashion in Monarch’s Bluffs. To find this quest, head to Monarch’s Bluffs and speak with Bercina Thornton. They can be found near the center of the hamlet. The quest will task you with looting pieces of tattered silk from skeletons in Divine Rise, located on the eastern edge of Monarch’s Bluffs. Once you’ve acquired all the tattered silk, head to Everfall and speak with Survivalist Lee to turn the quest in and upgrade your camp to Tier 2.


Tier 3 – Once you reach Level 25, make your way to Cutlass Keys and head along the road that leads southwest out of town. You should come across an NPC named Tosch. Speaking with Tosch will reward you with the quest Animal Instincts, which asks you to collect Sharpened Wildcat Claw and Streaked Alligator Scales. After gathering the items, return to Tosch to complete the quest and unlock Tier 3 of your camp.


Tier 4 – Reach level 40 and complete Lupine Observations in Restless Shore. You’ll unlock it after hitting level 40 and visiting the Restless Shores settlement. Once there, speak with Rilette Wilson and pick up the quest. This time you need to defeat Fangsnap in Fangsnap’s Den, which can be found in the northwestern part of Restless Shores. After you have defeated the boss, head back to the settlement and speak with Rilette again to complete the quest.


Tier 5 – After reaching level 55, go to Edengrove and speak with an NPC named Derick Wardell. This is where you’ll obtain the Fading Lights quest, which tasks you with defeating ten Ancient Guardians at Pavo. Head over to the location and defeat the required amount of enemies. Once completed, return to Derick and turn the quest in to receive the final upgrade for your camp.

From then on out, your camp will have a new visual, more crafting options, and higher-tier food. Players can also rest in camps to quickly recover health without spending resources. But it’s worth noting you won’t be able to craft higher-level tools or weapons, whatever your camp’s tier level.

Hopefully, that’s ended your confusion surrounding how to make and upgrade Camps in New World. If you still have any questions or want us to clarify something, let us know in the comments below.

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