Which are The Best Cooperative Games for PC, PS5, XBOX, and SWITCH in 2022?

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The Best cooperative games for PC, PlayStation (PS4/PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch in 2022: We have selected them with you and presented them in this ranking. After investigation, we listed the most popular cooperative games in BuyNewWorldCoins. About its special: It is based on the exact weight evaluation of the editorial team and the community. Because the final position of the cooperative game generates a fixed number of points from the editorial team and the community, this adds up. Hence, the two groups mentioned as a unit ultimately have a 50% impact on the result. We select games based on our list of best online co-op and couch co-op games-the purpose is to create an overview. We also consulted various rankings of our colleagues on other game Articles. It is likely that after this list, a special investigation will be conducted only for local couch co-op games. The premise here is that the cooperation aspect of the game should be the core or significantly improve the feel of the game. Including all common platforms except iOS / Android: PS4 / PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Series X / S and Switch.

A Way Out
Type: Action Adventure, Indie Game | Developer: Hazelight Studios | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Platform: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 | Release Date: March 23, 2018 | Number of Players: 2 | Age Level: FSK 18

A Way Out made me burst into tears and tears. The best Way is to bring people you are good friends with and search for games together if possible. For example, on weekends. Five to seven hours should be enough. The advantage of this is that you are really in the middle of the game, and it will give you a feeling of fullness. Because games often require action instructions or require you to complete simple tasks, the hours are not exhausting. I am shocked by A Way Out. When I heard that two prisoners wanted to escape, I hesitated at first. But choosing to play it is a great experience. When things get dire, you can do so much nonsense together. Feed the cows, swing around, or make music together. It's great!

Everyone who cherishes a great story
Everyone who is looking for a fun but the intense cooperative game
Everyone who likes sympathetic characters
Everyone who is looking for a collective with a sense of humor
Everyone who doesn't need to be severely challenged

Everyone who can't do anything with motion commands
Anyone who wants high replayability in cooperative games
Everyone who likes to fight and discover in action-adventure games
Everyone who wants to cooperate heavily

What is the game about?

People, who commit serious crimes should serve their sentences in prison, right? Vincent Moretti and Rio Caruso have very different views. When Leo was already in jail, Vincent joined them at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, the two neighborhoods became neighbors. After several common incidents and fights, the goal of the two was to escape the prison and the police.
Facts have proved that Leo and Vincent have much more in common than on the surface. They all want revenge on the gang boss Harvey. Together they steal the tools needed to escape, and as time goes by, you will learn more and more about the past of these two criminals.

How to play:
A Way Out is a unique gaming experience. This is not a classic action-adventure game but a playable movie. Because you usually can only press specific keys at the right time during predetermined battles and actions. But some moments deviate from it. So you must drive a boat together, or one person must go, and the other person must shoot.
In addition, most of the time, each player has its split-screen and the two-run in parallel but with different tasks and content. The concept was strange at first, but you quickly get used to it. This gives you the freedom that is strange to each other. You can stay busy in the prison yard while your playmate is talking to the correctional officer.
However, in essential scenarios, sometimes you have to work together and take the right action at the right time. So maybe one of you must pay attention to the guards and tell the other when you can do pranks and when you can't. Otherwise, you will be seen by the guards.
The tense moments are repeatedly interrupted by the humor and exciting activities in the middle. So you can also take a deep breath, do some nonsense together, or play a game of basketball.

How does the cooperative game work?
You can only play the game in cooperative mode because A Way Out does not have a single-player game. You can also decide whether to play games online with friends or comfortably on the couch. No matter which variant you choose, the entire adventure takes place on a split-screen. If you play games online, you only need to buy one game because the game owner can invite the other.
One player plays Vincent, and the other plays Leo. You can partly do your own thing, but when it becomes essential, you need your cooperation.

Borderlands 3
Type: Loot Shooter | Developer: Gearbox | Publisher: 2K Games | Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, Stadia | Release time: September 13, 2019 | Number of players: up to 4 | Age Rating: FSK 18
Which are The Best Cooperative Games for PC, PS5, XBOX, and SWITCH in 2022?
Since Borderlands 3 shouldn't be a real service game, it kept me in front of the screen for a long time. Even today, I haven't finished all the things to do in the game. Many updates, excellent DLC, and various activities ensure that it will never be boring. In addition, after the story ends, you can always look for better and better weapons, perfect builds, or new missions. I almost only play Borderlands 3 on split-screen. On PS4, there are sometimes technical cramps, and I have to admit, on PS5, everything is now as smooth as butter. But even the technological surprise has never lost me so much fun because I just put Borderlands 3 aside forever. In addition, it will only bring too much fun for survival. Because fast-paced gameplay, different skills, silly humor, and a changeable world are always conducive to new operations. Even two years after its release, Borderlands 3 is still very suitable for playing with friends.

Everyone who likes to collect loot and repair skill trees
Anyone who wants bizarre humor
Everyone is celebrating stupid guns (Hamburg Cannon!)
Players looking for cooperative games with a storyline

Players who like quiet games
Everyone who doesn't know how to deal with a shooter
Everyone who wants serious and realistic shooting games

What is the game about?
In Borderlands 3, you belong to a group of exterminators—as the name suggests—looking for a room full of treasures. It sounds logical, but I will warn you immediately: logic is not the most significant selling point of the game.
Stupidly, you are not the only one aiming at the secret room. The crazy twins from Troy and Tyreen Calypso also wanted to enter the private room and established a complete cult organization for this, which hindered your progress. These children of the secret room must be defeated-and various other animals wandering around in the world of Borderlands.
Fortunately, you can be assured of the support of the famous Borderlands characters. Characters such as Lilith, Claptrap, Tiny Tina, and other exterminators are all present, ensuring a good, ancient Borderlands feel.

How to play:
Borderlands is a first-person shooter game that you can play with up to four players. This is possible in both online and split screens (varies by platform).
At the beginning of your adventure, you can choose between 4 different exterminators:
Moser, Mecha
Zane, well-equipped agent
FL4K, the beast king who controls various animal companions
Amara, a siren with special abilities
Borderlands 3 has a different focus. As a player, you play as one of these four characters. They have other skills and fight hard in a story full of crazy planets and enemies.
On the one hand, it has a peculiar sense of humor, which can be found in every corner and crevice of the imaginative world.
It provides an almost unlimited number of different weapons. They can have completely stupid characteristics and want to be collected and mastered.
Each character has several skill trees, which can unlock different skills. It's about finding the perfect build for you.
Now that you have different planets and regions, you can vent in them. First of all, your mission is as follows: reach, find opponents, and destroy opponents. Upgrade, collect weapons, and find more opponents to repeat the whole process. There are also exciting boss battles and environments that will affect the gameplay.
If the main game is not enough for you, you can also rely on four-story DLCs.

How does the cooperative game work?
You can choose from two variants of cooperatives.
In cooperation, everyone has a unique trophy. Also, regarding the card synchronization function, the opponent will make adjustments according to your level.
In co-op competitions, everyone gets the same trophy, and you can argue about it endlessly. The opponent's level is subject to the team leader's level.
If you play on the couch: On the old console, you can start a split-screen game with two players, and on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can play with up to four players. On the other hand, you cannot use a split-screen on a PC.
It is also possible to play online multiplayer games with up to four players on all platforms.

Diablo 3
Type: Hack and Kill, Action Role-Playing Game | Developer: Blizzard Entertainment | Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC | Release Date: August 19, 2014, | Player Quantity: Up to 4 | Age Rating: USK from 16

In the group, Diablo 3 is fun. At the beginning of the new season, you will upgrade your character together and then farm equipment together. In this Way, you will become more robust, and if the courses complement each other (or one of the players is lucky to be able to loot-this usually more likely), you can reach great difficulty as soon as possible. But it would be best to forget that Diablo 3 was released in 2012, and it is ancient now. The season that has been active for about three months always ensures a short-lived revival. I see about 20 players at the beginning of each season who are in trouble again after a 2.5-month break on my list of friends. But this usually only lasts for two weeks, and then the fun is over again, because at the latest, most of them have reached a point where everything is related to training, and improvements are getting smaller and smaller. Since the D3 team has been dramatically reduced, it is unlikely that new severe content will be developed for Diablo 3 in the future. In the new season, you may only breathe fresh air in the future, which will bring temporary rewards.

Everyone who likes to grind
Competitive players who like to climb leaderboards
Players who don't care about the latest graphics cards
Everyone who likes acting in cooperative games and prefers action instead of relaxation
Everyone who wants to play the middle ground
Players who like Dark

Everyone, those players who are annoyed by grinding
Everyone who often needs new DLC to enjoy the game
Younger children (family cooperative)

What is the game about?
Twenty years have passed since the demonic inhabitants of Diablo, Mephisto, and Bar destroyed the world, San Clio, corrupted the World Stone and made people slaves to evil.
When the elder Horadim Deka Kane returned to the ruins of Tristram Cathedral, a comet fell from the sky and hit the place where Diablo entered the world. This comet hides a sinister omen in its fiery nature and challenges players to defend the mortal world against the rising power of Burning Hell and the fallen Supreme Heaven itself.
As the mighty Nephitian, the child of angels and demons, you will fight the army of hell and the lord of hell, Diablo himself, in Diablo 3. You will be accompanied and supported by Cain himself and his young niece Leah, who have a dark secret in their clothes.

How to play:
The game is played in the usual isometric perspective on a PC with a keyboard and mouse on a console with a controller. Like the previous work Diablo 2, the third part focuses on finding more and more powerful equipment and more experience points.
Excitingly, Diablo 3 is about using skills to set up your character. These can be primary and secondary attacks, powerful capabilities with high cooldowns, resource producers, and consumers. Then you can use runes to adjust these skills, so you will gain more resilience when you use them, or these skills will cause more damage. The biggest goal is to grind to get better equipment.
If you put your settings together, you are far from finished. Because it can be used in different affixes of rare levels and random scrolling, it is almost always possible to find better equipment and further strengthen your character.
In terms of content, there will be some news waiting for you every few months. Because in Diablo 3, each season will regularly start with a particular season theme. This theme brings new skills, rewards, or items into the game and only works during the season. If you want to participate, you have to create a new season character, almost starting from 0-no gold, no armor, no materials. A season like this is always a reason for the community to start playing again. In my clan and my friend's list, I watch people play for 14 days and then slowly stop. This is typical of the current state of Diablo 3.
This season usually lasts three months. Then there is a break of one to two weeks, and then a patch to bring a new season theme and balance change for the next season. This usually gets some changes, which makes grinding attractive again, at least temporarily.

How does the cooperative game work?
The functions of cooperatives vary from platform to platform. Using the sofa co-op on the console, you are all on the same screen, and you cannot run out of the screen.
On the other hand, if you play a regular multiplayer game on a PC, everyone has their screen and can move freely in the game. When Player A clears Act 1, Player B does the same thing in Act 2. So you can easily share the work and make farming more straightforward because, in this example, both players received the final reward (a bag with items, gold coins, and blood shards) from receiving two nudes.
In addition, as a cooperative, you can simplify some successes. Instead of killing all the bosses alone within a time limit, you separate the opponents in the group to have more time.
There are additional ranked lists for progress in the group for 2, 3, and 4 players. The group can be established so that the class with the most robust structure supports it and attracts hatred, while other players spread their damage.
There is no hierarchy for cooperatives. Anyone can use the same build to play the same course. Therefore, you can easily exchange loot with each other because most of the haul will be dropped for your class.

Portal 2
Type: Puzzle Game | Developer: Valve | Publisher: Valve | Platform: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 | Release Date: April 21, 2011, | Number of Players: Up to 2 | Age Level: USK from 6

Portal 1 ultimately passed me in 2007, but I gambled with a friend shortly after Portal 2 was released. So I experienced the cooperative mode before the single-player game. Portal 2 completely fascinated me on the first night. Whenever we solve a problem for the first time, we celebrate together in TeamSpeak. Especially in the last secret room, the feeling of reward is enormous because the puzzle is too tricky. I played a single-player game shortly after that, and then I played Portal 1 again. The single-player campaign is worth it. For me, Portal 2 is a must-have for puzzle games and escape room lovers. It can be solved individually or in pairs.

Puzzle and escape room lovers
Couples who are looking for fun games for two people
Players who don't have much time because it can be saved regularly
Children and teenagers, because the game is about logical thinking rather than knocking down enemies or other players

Everyone is always looking for new challenges. Because once solved, the puzzle is challenging to replay
Action fans, because Portal 2 is quiet
The game has been around for a few years.

What is the game about?
In the single-player game of Portal 2, you will play Chell, a female character who is also controlled in the first part. With it, you will travel through the mysterious research facility Aperture Science.
In a single-player game, you will see a story around two artificial bits of intelligence, GLaDOS and Wheatley. GLaDOS is the opponent in the first part, and Wheatley is trying to help you get rid of the research facility. There are some exciting and exciting twists and turns in the story.
In the cooperative mode, you play two robots Atlas and P-Body. They are briefly presented to you at the end of the story and have no role in the story of a single-player game.

How to play:
Your task is to travel through the test room and solve puzzles. For this, you have a so-called portal gun, which you can use to create two portals. If you go through one of these portals, you will come out to another location. Then various obstacles can be overcome in this Way.
You go through different rooms, and you have to go from the entrance to the exit in each room. For this, you can use the portals already mentioned-one orange and one blue. Each color can only have one portal. If you shoot again, the old color portal will close.
However, portals can only be created in levels, white areas, and therefore cannot be made anywhere, so there is usually only one correct solution.
The first room is all about overcoming the abyss or falling to the right place by opening a portal on the ceiling. However, later, the puzzle became very tricky.
You can move objects, go faster on soft paint spots, and even build Overspeed. You slide across the portal repeatedly on the same color spots at this super speed and become quicker and faster.
Portal must have analytical thinking and a certain amount of patience.

How does the cooperative game work?
In the cooperative mode, you play two robots, Atlas and P-Body, and follow the same puzzle-solving principles.
However, each of you can open two portals, which will lead to a whole new dynamic, with a total of 4 outlets:
You can create a portal and use it to send player 1 to a completely different location while player 2 stays at the entrance. So when you reach other angles, the room becomes more complicated.
One player can eject another player to the entire room when constructing super speed at the right time and by moving the portal.
Therefore, if you do not solve puzzles alone or look for further challenges after a single-player game, you will be satisfied in the co-op.

Overcooked 2
Type: Party Game | Developer: Ghost Town Games / Team17 | Publisher: Team17 | Platform: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC, Nintendo Switch | Release time: March 23, 2021 | Player Quantity: Up to 4 | Age Level: FSK 6

Overcooked is a game very suitable for co-op parties. They are easy to learn but challenging to master. I mean: thanks to the simple controls and cute appearance, you can play Overcooked with almost anyone. Friends with no gaming experience, family members, or professional gamers-everyone can act quickly through cooked principles. This will help in the beginning. What happens then depends on the group: if you point out to each other in a friendly but determined way that the damn salad is missing and the pan is burning, the overcooked round will quickly become noisy and hectic! At the same time, it is so fun to cheer each other up and master increasingly tricky levels. If you cannot handle stress and coordination well, you should avoid overcooking. But everyone else has the perfect game and can use Overcooked for several rounds of interesting cooking actions.

All players are looking for party games for the co-op night
Everyone who likes to solve difficult situations
Game beginners and professionals
Anyone who wants to play with family and children

Everyone looking forward to a fascinating story
Everyone who has time pressure and coordination problems
Everyone who doesn't like a cute, colorful appearance

What is the game about?
Have you ever stood in the kitchen, lit a fire under a pan, boiled pasta, and found that the onion hadn't been cut yet? Is the ingredient still missing? Then the parents call, the dog howls or the fire alarm sounds because the steam reaches the corridor and the meteor hits somewhere? Yes, this is probably the feeling of overcooking.
The game is about making dishes immediately because you are the last hope of the Onion King, and he begs you to save his kingdom from destruction. In the first part of Overcooked, you have to satisfy the hunger of an insatiable monster, and in the second part, Unbread rises from the dead and attacks the king's castle.
Therefore, you must go out to explore the secrets of eating and, most importantly, work together during the journey to avoid danger.
In most cases, you won't do this in a nice enclosed kitchen, but rather at an annoying level of design. They use swaying floors, obstacles, pests, ghosts, and fire to protect themselves, lest you put food on the table in time.
However, the key to the problem is that you have to put the ingredients together to make dishes according to a certain arrangement-and this is done under time pressure. After all, customers don't want to put ketchup on their burgers or cold cuts. This is why you must always pay close attention to the dishes you make.
In addition, you must pay close attention to the kitchen. The soup should not boil, the meat should not burn, and it won't help if the whole place is on fire. You must be everywhere-or rely on your team.
The structure of most levels is like this, you and your friends always have to agree on who is doing what-until the whole level design is confused. The player who just cut the lettuce may suddenly become the only player who can use the pan. Then, of course, you have to reconsider.
Based on your performance, there will be a star after the time limit expires. If you have enough stars, you can unlock more levels.

How does the cooperative game work?
You can compete with up to four players in a sofa co-op. The control is effortless. In theory, even two players can use one controller to play the game. But it is not recommended.
Because it is overcooked, although its design is charming, it can make you reach the pressure limit quickly. You must constantly coordinate and ensure that all the well-known gears are interlocked. Otherwise, you will hit each other's roads, provide the wrong materials or destroy each other's work.
However, if all goes well, Overcooked will be one of the most exciting and valuable games on the night of collaboration. The game is ultimately designed to play together and is the most fun on the team.

Type: Sandbox and Survival | Developer: Ocean Interactive such as Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, 4J Studios | Publisher: Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, and SCEI | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS | Release time: May 17, 2009, | Number of players: up to 4 | Age level: USK 6 years old

After the initial suspicion, my son convinced me to play Minecraft with him. What should I say? I am excited. I think this is a great way to be creative together in the game. Although my son mainly focuses on building his shelter, creating objects, and raising animals, I maintain the supply of materials, look for monsters, and fight them. So everyone can play their favorite game. If you are looking for a wide variety of fun, but the most important thing is that you can be creative, I can highly recommend Minecraft. Since it offers many possibilities, it is simply addictive.

Everyone who likes creativity
Everyone who likes to build things
Everyone who likes to play with children
Everyone who just wants to play short games
Everyone who is looking for a diverse game with a lot of replay value

Everyone who doesn't like architecture
Everyone who is not interested in survival games
Everyone who is looking for more action
Anyone who can't do anything with the pixel graphics of the game

What is the game about?
At first glance, Minecraft is a construction game where you can unleash your creativity and create your world. To build different tools and objects, you must first collect basic materials such as wood. You can do this by cutting down trees.
But construction and your creativity are not enough because, in Minecraft, there is a change from day to night. As soon as it gets dark, monsters, zombies, and spiders will appear in the game, and they don't want you to be any good. Therefore, you should build your residence as soon as possible, because you will be safe there.
As the game progresses, you will get more and more new materials, such as gold and diamonds. You can also start raising your animals.

How to play:
At the beginning of the game, you wake up in the middle of an island with different habitats (such as sea, beach, forest, or mountains). In the beginning, you don't have any tools, except an empty bag and your hands. You must try to survive on this island by building shelters, lighting fires, and finding food.
Therefore, at first, you try to dig wood or dirt by hand. Later you can use the collected materials, such as wood blocks or stones. Using the materials you contain during the game, and you can also construct various things that will help you progress in the game.
The day and night changes make searching and building more difficult. One day lasts about 15 minutes, and at night it lasts another 5 minutes. At night, monsters, zombies, and spiders will also spawn in the game. You must be careful of these. Of course, you can also fight them.
With the help of the portal you can create, you have the opportunity to teleport to one of the other two dimensions. There you will encounter more powerful monsters, and you can also fight against them.
A feature of the game is that you can also choose between various other ways in addition to the survival mode described. Those who are not too interested in the survival part of the game can also choose the creative method. It's all about constructing large buildings and artworks. This eliminates the need to worry about food or worry that you will be harmed.
In the adventure mode, you can also embark on a journey of discovery to explore the architectural world of other players. The Java version also has a viewer and a hardcore mode. By choosing different methods and determining different difficulty levels, there is something for every type of player.
The split-screen cooperative mode on the sofa is only available for Minecraft on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. To play together, you can now load an existing world or create a new world. By connecting to the next controller, Minecraft will recognize another player and allow you to join the selected planet. Now that the screen is shared, you can start using it.
In general, Minecraft provides the opportunity to play with up to 4 players at the same time. On PC, your friends can play with you in online mode. But it is best to close the open multiplayer game mode so that other people cannot join your world via the Internet.
You can now create structures, go on a journey of discovery, or collect materials together. But you can also assign your tasks, and everyone contributes to a typical project. There is no limit to your imagination.

Type: Third-person shooter | Developer: Digital Extremes | Publisher: Digital Extremes | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch | Release date: March 25, 2013, | Age rating: USK from 16 years old

I played with Warframe when it was released in 2013 and was immediately struck by its dark, bizarre space appearance. In addition, the gameplay at the time was very excellent, even in the long run. But the developers persevered, and even if it seemed like a severe failure in the middle, Warframe also developed into a top game. There are many mission types, a large number of Warframes with unique skills and playgrounds, and more weapons, items, and pets that you can collect and upgrade. By the Way, all of this is the most interesting in cooperation. Thanks to the helpful community, you can find players quickly. It's fun to travel with a group of killer ninjas through hordes of helpless clone soldiers, corporate henchmen, or weird and disgusting mutants. It works well even with Randoms because the gameplay is very intuitive, and you can sprint through the levels like a daze. Therefore, if you are looking for a comprehensive sci-fi cooperative game that is entirely free and provides fast-paced gameplay, you can't go wrong. Grind fans get a lot of unlockable things, and players who want to immerse themselves in a deep story that reveals many dark secrets and shocking twists and turns and their money is worth their money.

Anyone who likes to sharpen for more robust equipment
Friends with wonderful stories
Everyone who likes to optimize their personality and adapt to it visually
Everyone who wants fast-paced action has played a lot of acrobatics

PvP fans. This mode is in the game, but almost no one cares
Everyone who doesn't like weird sci-fi style
All those who hate grinding

What is the game about?
The third-person loot shooter Warframe allows you to travel through the solar system's planets in the distant future as a legendary space ninja named Tenno. Since the end of the golden age, various hostile forces have spread there, vying for power, and your heroes are the last hope for a bright future that emerges from this dark chaos.
Under the guidance of the mysterious woman Lotus, you will control the Warframes of the same name, and they are all-powerful biomechanical warriors. But precisely, these frames should not be revealed here because there is a complete story about them with some unexpected and magnificent twists and turns.
How to play: Warframe is about the ultimate space ninja experience. You are an agile and elegant elite fighter, far superior to your regular opponents, and will massacre them. So you drive in your opponent like lightning and then use futuristic guns and ancient melee weapons to rage in the enemy.
On the contrary, the challenge is effectively eliminating the opponent's absurd advantage while accomplishing various mission goals.
There are also pure space levels where you can fly with a heavily armed jetpack and dismantle thick ships piece by piece. Or you can use a vast spaceship to fight your enemies.
In addition to fast-paced actions and exciting stories, Warframe also provides a complex system through which you can optimize your space ninja to the final details. You can upgrade hundreds of items and weapons to improve your game style further.
All of this is done by a sophisticated fashion system because there are many skins, colors, and other cosmetic customization options to ensure that no two Warframes are the same.

How does the cooperative game work?
In missions or certain open-world levels, you can start with up to three other players. Each frame can bring its unique skills, especially tanks, and supporting structures are significant for teamwork.
Space combat with capital ships is a particular form of cooperation. When you complete a specific series of missions, you will have such a ship. To control the cauldron, you need several players to manage the various positions of the boat.
One player is responsible for navigation, the other player operates the weapon system, and the remaining players try to repel the boarding command and board the enemy ship in return. NPCs can now also play roles, but it will be more fun to play with friends.

ARK: Survival Evolved
Type: Survival | Developer: Studio Wildcard | Publisher: Studio Wildcard Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S | Release Date: June 2, 2015 | Number of Players: 1 to 200 | Age Grade: USK from 16

ARK has been a phenomenon for many years. Thanks to the numerous mods, DLC, and last but not least, the community, the game still exists. ARK provides a variety of options for casual gamers and hardcore veterans. Studio Wildcard is already developing the second part. It should offer more content, and in the best case, can also solve the performance problems of the predecessor. Like many other survival games, ARK had a steep learning curve at the beginning. For new players, getting started is not always easy. It is recommended to start with a group of experienced players. The interests and goals of the team must meet their expectations. Thanks to mods and DLC, Ark provides the correct settings for each type of player. Whether it is PvE, PvP, role-playing, construction projects, or mastering the story in collaboration: ARK does not define your game style, but the game style determines what ARK is.

Everyone who likes to build, craft and explore
Well-dressed horror fan
Everyone who is looking for a game with long-term motivation
Anyone looking to cooperate with many survival mechanisms
Everyone who likes to grind

Everyone afraid of the dark
Everyone who wants a short game between the two
Everyone who doesn't like exploration and construction

What is the game about?
ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game. You wake up on an island and quickly find that the dinosaurs there are nothing but extinction. Hunted by prehistoric lizards and other creatures, you try to survive in a new virtual world. Whether to follow the story or write your own story is up to you.
In the story, you will gradually understand all the contents of the mysterious island. The notebooks and files scattered on the island also provide more information, which tells more about the Ark: the cart, creatures, and background of survival and evolution.
Ark gets the last two parts of the ending story in the first and second parts of Genesis. The developers of Studio Wildcard are already working on the follow-up ARK 2, and there is no release date yet.

How to play:
In addition to classic weapons, tools, and armor making, you can also make saddles for riding tamed creatures. After that, you build your base and start your adventure from there. On different maps, it is possible to play in PvE or PvP. Over the years, the game has received new content and expansions.
Through each action, you will collect experience points and invest them in charts. Through these charts, you can unlock new tools, weapons, and techniques. You can also open the saddle so that you can ride tamed creatures during the adventure. Many animals have special abilities that allow you to cultivate resources more efficiently—for example, collecting food or building materials.
Cooperative in the Ark: How does it work in the evolution of survival? You can play Ark in a local cooperative, rent a dedicated server or create it yourself. On a dedicated server, you can use mods and be in the clan with more than 100 players at the same time and join them on adventures.
In the cooperative mode, the Ark is much easier. For example, one player can focus on finding food while another player expands the base, and the other player is responsible for breeding and training the dinosaurs.

Remnant: From the Ashes
Type: Third-person shooter | Developer: Gunfire Game | Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment | Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release Date: August 20, 2019, | USK: From Starting at 16

Because I like FromSoftware's SoulsBorne game very much and tried almost all Souls-Like games, Remnant is a must for me. I also like the tragic Lovecraft scene in the first trailer. Although I prefer to be alone in SoulsBorne, it is fun to wander through the dark world with my buddies in Remnant, looking for loot among the ruins and destroying a large number of enemies. The cooperation model turned out to be a positive surprise. We agreed on who would make which upgrades and how we would deal with certain monster groups. Despite our experience, we were still sweating. The game may be terrible, but the final victory feels more worthwhile. Therefore, if you are looking for the challenge of a cooperative mode, then Relics: Rebirth from Ashes is for you. Just have enough patience.

Everyone who enjoys high levels of difficulty
Anyone who likes to repair buildings and equipment
Fans of the post-dark doomsday setting
Fans of dark souls and shooting games
Everyone who wants to share puzzle game stories

Anyone who likes to relax while playing cooperative games
Everyone who doesn't want to work hard
Children under 16

What is the game about?
The world is destroyed. The ancient threat from another dimension is called a seed, spreading across the earth, corrupting everything, and unleashing tons of monsters. Humans seem to be almost completely wiped out. You are one of the last survivors of the end.
You will be found by a small group of other survivors and taken into their bunker. From there, you repeatedly explore the dark and destroyed outer world to explore it, and most importantly, find answers to your many questions.
What is the seed? Where did she come from? Who is responsible for their appearance? Most importantly, how do you fight them and ultimately destroy them? Only one thing is clear: you need a lot of ammunition in your search.

How to play:
Ruins: Rebirth of Ashes is a third-person shooter game with RPG elements that will make you scream. At the beginning of the game, you create a character, and you can choose from three occupations that determine your entry equipment.
The bunker where you started is your hub. There you can improve your weapons and equipment, talk to NPCs and accept missions. You will need it very much because Remnant: Rebirth from Ashes is not a child's play. The difficulty level is obvious, reminiscent of the popular Dark Souls game. The opponent hits hard, if you are not careful, they will run over you, and you will bite into the seed grass.
Anywhere in the game world, you will find red crystals used as bonfires. You can teleport between them and restore your HP, but if you touch such a crystal, all dead enemies in the area will be resurrected, and you will have to kill them again.
To become stronger, you can collect Remnant Loot, which contains the usual weapons and armors. During your exploration, you will also receive many modules and upgrade materials that can be used to strengthen your character. Killing the big boss will also get their passive skills, purchased with skill points to become more powerful.
In addition to NPCs, the game's story is told through diaries, notes, and PCs scattered around the world. If you find them gradually, you will have a clearer understanding of the events and motives that led to the disaster.

How does the game work?
In Remnant: From the Ashes, you can join up to three survivors. One player hosts the game, and the others enter his world. The world's progress is only saved for the host, and guests can keep their experience, loot, and upgrades.
In battle, you must coordinate well with other players to survive in the ruthless world of Remnant. For example, you can choose different occupations and characteristics or assign roles so that one person is responsible for the treatment and the others cause harm.