Where To Find All Ancient Glyph In New World

Game: New World
Time: 2022-11-02 16:14:29
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The Brimstone Sands expansion has brought tons of new content to New World . On top of the new story expansion and new weapon type, there has been the addition of tons of new end-game content for players to get through. One such addition is the new Ancient Glyphs that are scattered around the new area.

There are 26 Ancient Glyphs in New World, and you must search all over the Brimstone Sands region. Collecting them will grant you a good amount of wealth in the game. However, these glyphs are hidden away in quite sneaky places. Some Glyphs will drop from containers, some from enemies, while others have extra steps. Players are having a hard time finding them all. So in this Ancient Glyph Locations guide, we’ll show you where to find locations of Ancient Glyphs.


By the way, before you go off to try and find all of the Ancient Glyphs, you will want to complete the new series of main story quests, as some of the glyphs are in areas you can't access until after specific main story quests.


Glyph No. Glyph Name Glyph Wisdom Glyph Location
1 Dingta Above Palace of Nekhbet
2 Jiiba Shadow Beds of Ta-Bitjet
3 Keyya Yib’ Crossroads Atum’s Way
4 Teyii Journey Great Shrine of Thoth
5 Wetzuu Gift Oasis Spontanea
6 Cruuj Sun Heliopolis
7 Amba Mountain Diospolis
8 Pimbii Dawn Kephri Arena
9 D’un-Yich Ordeal Pools of Orcus
10 Himde Ocean Temple of Isis
11 Aaber Day Lamp of Osiris
12 Itka Below Place of Pillars
13 Dzuu First Heru Plaza
14 J’ij Sealed Necropolis of Sutekh
15 Tsadzui Wall Great Wall of Nebet-Het
16 Hid Home Hermopolis
17 B’eyeg Chaos Ennead
18 Riiga Persona Arit-en-Geb
19 Eybue Virtue Satet
20 Cruuj’ii Strength Forge of Ptah
21 D’un-Ga Destruction Castrum Principium
22 Tab’ Night Ordeal of the Scorpion
23 B’engying Shield Serpent’s Pass
24 Tsangmiij Food Castrum Victualis
25 Jich Water Heka’s Cauldron
26 Dubuu River Sopdu Hot Springs


Each Ancient Glyph you find will allow you to access the corresponding elite chest, which can contain valuable loot to help you perfect your greatsword build. Some end-game activities can't be started unless you have found all 26 Ancient Glyphs scattered worldwide.

Congratulations you now know where all the ancient glyphs are in New World. Now go out there, and good luck finding all of them!