What To Do After Level 60 In New World

Game: New World
Time: 2022-01-27 09:18:45
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Congrats on hitting level 60 in New World. However, this doesn’t mean that the game ends once you hit max level. There are several new activities that will unlock once you reach level 60. So keep reading to learn about all the things you can do in the game after reaching level 60.

Outpost Rush

Outpost Rush is one of the first things you’ll want to look into once your reach level 60. You can join this 20v20 game mode either solo or with a group by speaking with your faction rep. Outpost Rush requires you to complete both PvP and PvE objectives and is a fantastic way to gear up your character. Not just that, but you can also earn a whole bunch of New World Gold and resources in the process. Outpost Rush is only available to level 60 players.

Legendary Weapon Quests

You can obtain and equip legendary weapons before level 60, provided that you are very lucky with drops, but only at max level, you can start the quests that reward a legendary weapon of choice. Once you’ve leveled a weapon to 20 mastery, head to Mountainhome and look for the NPC that goes by the name of Eintou Madaki. You will start the legendary questline that tasks you with obtaining the materials needed to craft the weapon. These quests are quite difficult, but you will be rewarded with a power level 580 legendary weapon at the end of it all. These might be better than what you’ll find on the market.

Faction Gear

Faction gear is some of the best you can obtain, but don’t think that your faction will throw gear at you just for hitting the level cap. Faction vendors will sell their best merchandise only to members that have reached maximum rank 5 and have enough faction tokens and NW Coins.


Expeditions are not only great places to farm XP while leveling; they’re also a great source of loot at max level. In particular, you’ll want to focus on Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality, both of which are level 60 Expeditions. They can be found in Edengrove and Reekwater, respectively. These two expeditions are significantly more challenging than the other four. The rewards are also better. Epic and legendary items may drop from the bosses inside these two dungeons.

Spriggan Arenas

Arenas are available pre-level 60 but doing them at max level yields better rewards. Players need a Spriggan Key to open the arena where they will fight against one boss. They get high-quality loot if they manage to beat the boss and the timer. But accessing the Arena itself is a bit tricky since it requires you to find a special key. Luckily, only one party member needs to have the item in their possession. If you don’t have a key, use the chat to find other players that do.

Simply put, between expedition runs, elite hunts, working on legendary weapon quests, participating in Outpost Rush, and occasionally enjoying a bit of good ol’ open world PvP, there are plenty of things to keep you going in New World.