Tips When Playing Solo In New World

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Tips When Playing Solo In New World

New World is a massively multiplayer game, the idea would be to put the player to play together with others, do missions in cooperative mode and create large teams of players facing a common enemy. Of course, most of the activities found in New World can be played solo. You can even do PVP quests alone.

New World's solo experience is pretty well balanced, up until a point. You can hit a bit of a wall with the game, though. So in this article, we bring some useful tips that will help you overcome any challenges you face.

1. Join A Company

Just because you're a solo player doesn't mean you have to do everything on your own. Join a busy company and you'll often be asked to participate in open-world PvP, PvP missions and to help on Elite runs once you hit max level. Getting your company mates to help out with crafting is also useful.

2. Jump In The Team

Watch out for trains heading out to clear Elites or Portals in the chat. These are groups organized by a couple of players that usually stack up to 10-15 people per run. This is an easy way to get some new world gold, experience, and Azoth from completing corrupted portals. They require little communication and are decently fun.

3. The Quickest Ways To Level

Leveling is just hard if you're on your own. Taking on Elite missions, for example, isn't really possible. It's a good idea to start posting LFG or generally asking for help in your global chat. If you don't want to bother with these quests, Town Board missions are still the best way to level up in New World.

4. Best Solo Builds

Want always to get a spot in an Expedition? Go for a Tank or Healer build. These are the most commonly requested archetypes in New World, and you're pretty much guaranteed to find a spot in a team, even without your own Tuning Orb.

5. Combat Designed

With how combat is designed, you can get yourself to the point that you can deal with multiple enemies in the world by yourself, even the tougher enemies that could be considered a boss to some. If you're lucky, there might be a few players just in the area that could help thin out the number of enemies.

Was this article helpful? We hope this article will help players enjoy themselves as solo players. For more on New World, check out our detailed game guides.

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