New World Revealed the PD Extravaganza calendar

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In June and July, you can take advantage of the New World PD Extravaganza event calendar full of weekly bonuses. Every week from 9:00 (7:00 UTC) on Monday until 9:00 AM (7:00 AM UTC), a new XP event will occur on Thursday. It is worth adding that the final of the attractions was scheduled for July 4, and then the culmination of all bonuses will occur.


New World Revealed the PD Extravaganza calendar

What does the calendar look like?
Gathering XP Bonus: June 13 - June 16
Processing XP Bonus: June 20 - 23
Double XP Weekend: June 23 - June 26
PD Extravaganza: 1 – 4 lipca
The beginning of July is for anyone with time for one New World Bonus Event. All XP bonuses, including a slight crafting boost, will return on the weekend ending July 4. 

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