New World Redesigning the Combat System to Make it More Interesting Finally

Game: New World
Time: 2021-06-02 15:42:17
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The New world weapon, the battle Axe, appeared. There are also some adjustments to the combat system, which should make it more dynamic and dynamic. Many changes sound like the new world is getting the combat system it deserves. The new world of MMO has received a new update in alpha. This is all about the adjustment of the combat system and the new weapon Tomahawk.


New World Redesigning the Combat System to Make it More Interesting Finally


Gain more vitality with less waiting time and fast cancellation

What has changed? The list of changes is long. We introduced you to the most important adjustments that will make the battle more dynamic and exciting:

The abilities of different weapons no longer have a global cooldown

Hit detection has been improved to prevent players from getting nowhere to hit

The stun that can be used for a while with an Axe should no longer exist. Light and heavy attacks no longer interfere with the target

Recovery time after being hit has been reduced

Reduced the recovery time of specific skills (commonly known as aftercast)

You can now cancel skills, attacks, and dodge earlier and more clearly to take other actions

Adjusted some animations to make the battle more smooth

You can now heal yourself quickly by holding down the "CTRL" key while using the skill

Now has specific crit sound effects

In addition, there is a balance adjustment of the bow, which weakens it overall. However, it should be kept when using this weapon so that friendly players can also intercept arrows. The exception should now be giant bosses that can still be hit.

What's new? In addition to the adjustments to the battle, a new battle axe weapon was also introduced. This is mainly for "sweeping attacks":

The Predator skill tree focuses on significant damage and multiple hits, allowing you to cut into your opponent.

The Reaper skill tree focuses on controlling the enemy's group and preventing the enemy from escaping. Using these skills, you can control the battle's progress while your allies knock down enemies that hit you.

PvP duel is close to the battle with the player.


Another new feature introduced in December is the duel system:

All players above level 10 can start a duel, regardless of their faction or PvP mark

Contests cannot begin during settlements, wars, or invasions.

Players can start a duel by moving the mouse pointer over the name of another player in the chat or menu and clicking "invite to duel" or input "/ duel [player name]" in the conversation.
If there is external intervention, the duel ends.

You can duel individually or with up to 5 players in each group.

Since you will not be ultimately killed in a duel, there are no shortcomings, and players can get used to PvP.