New World MMORPG with the most players on STEAM in October 2021

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MMORPG is becoming more and more popular on Steam. BuyNewWorldCoins summarizes for you which online role-playing games will have the most players on Steam in October 2021. New World is an excellent MMORPG! It is fun and easy to use. Although it doesn't do anything new, it has enough twists and turns to existing ideas for me to continue investing.


New World MMORPG with the most players on STEAM in October 2021

How was the list created?
We looked at the average number of players for each game over the past 30 days for this list. To this end, we use the Steam charts website as an auxiliary tool, which evaluates and processes data from Steam.
However, this list only represents the number of pure players on Steam. However, many MMORPGs also provide their clients for download. The total number of players will increase accordingly.
New World is the newest MMORPG on the list, and the release was not celebrated until September 28th. It was initially developed as a PvP game with some survival aspects, but now it is also attracting classic MMORPG fans.
In addition, the mission system has been revised, and the new world bosses, especially the six brand-new dungeons, come into play. In addition, PvP is now optional in the open world. However, if you activate it, you can eliminate the enemies of foreign companies and conquer the fortress on the map.
The highlight of the game is the incredible reward collection and production system and the endgame war in which players compete for territory in 50v50.
The combat system requires active aiming and avoidance, which feels very large. However, it is much slower than games such as ESO or Black Desert. This makes it more tactical, but not every player does it well.
Others criticized the relatively weak task design and lack of an overall story. However, if you want, you can find small fragments of trucks on the floor to learn more about the world.

The new world is for the following players:
1. Usually looking for a brand new, relatively unused MMO in terms of settings
2. Have fun collecting and making
3. Looking for an MMORPG with an active combat system and evasive characters
4. Like PvP, but I don't want to fight with other players all the time
5. You don't need any courses, because the new world allows your play style to be entirely defined by your equipment
However, if you are looking for a new MMORPG theme park, you will only be partly happy in the new world. There are no exciting tasks and no overall story. The number of dungeons is still minimal, and there are no raids at all.



• There are many things to do

• In-depth production system

• Participate in action combat

• looks good

• Participate in PvP options

• Usually solo and friendly

• Player-driven economy

• No subscription



• Some people line up

• Tasks without inspiration

• Minimal role customization

• Player-driven economy

• Production is not optional

• Plain writing and performance

Apart from Steam, where can I play?
Not at all. The new world is currently only playable on Steam. It is not clear whether there will be a version other than the platform or a console version.


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