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In New World, Mining utilizes the Pickaxe tool to gather stone, ore and gems from mining nodes around the world, which can be used to level almost every other profession in the game and greatly increase the power of your character or be turned into a huge New World Gold profit. So this guide will cover how to mine in New World, general mining tips to improve your mining skills and more.

To begin your mining adventures, simply craft a Mining Pickaxe at any campfire or sanctuary after the initial game introduction, and then you are ready to mine. However, finding a mine or a mining route that spawns a good concentration of ores can be complicated to locate.

The best option to approach the dilemma is to bring up your map and click on Resource Locations. From here, you can select various types of environments or terrains that spawn various resources, in this case, ores and you'll be able to find mining spots much faster. The Highland region usually has a surplus of ores, including iron and silver, which should be the best start.

Iron: mining level 0, tracking level 25
Silver: mining level 10, tracking level 35
Oil: mining level 20, tracking level 45
Gold: mining level 45, tracking level 70
Alchemy Stones: mining level 50, tracking level 75
Starmetal: mining level 100, tracking level 125
Lodestone: mining level 105, tracking level 155
Platinum: mining level 110, tracking level 135
Orichalcum: mining level 175, tracking level 200

It's important to note that ores generally have a respawn rate of 15-20 minutes. So, planning a route with a few mining locations besides each other means that players can always head back to the first location once it has reset. However, there is an order in which players must attain them, as each kind of ore requires increasingly higher Mining skill levels to gather. The same can be said for tracking them via one's compass or map.

Leveling Mining in New World is fairly simple: the higher level required to mine the node, the more experience you will gain. However, the difference in experience is not that great until the later levels, and the speed at which you can gain experience is largely dictated by how fast you are capable of Mining those nodes.

So one essential component of New World Mining is to craft better equipment. Mining higher quality resources means that players can craft a better quality pickaxe, boosting the mining speed. Additionally, when crafting a pickaxe, there is a likelihood that a perk will be added that can contribute to various attributes of your pickaxe. For example, as you are leveling up your Mining skill, you may want the Prospector's Discipline perk, which grants increased mining experience. However, once you are at 200 Mining skills, you will likely drop that for something else.

Also, Luck greatly increases your chance of getting rare materials from Mining. Stacking as much Luck as possible on all of your gear/tools/food buffs is the key to finding those legendary rare materials and gems. Last, you can also get more ore and rare materials by drinking the Powerful Proficiency Booster proficiency potion, increasing your yield by up to 15%.

There are a few more general mining techniques that can make Mining less tedious and more of an adventure. Not only will this take most of the stress and pain of doing a mining run, but players will be able to reap the rewards while earning mining experience. Was this article helpful?

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