New world housing sounds like you can use it to show off your friends

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In the upcoming New world MMO, you can explore the island of Aeternum and embark on an exciting adventure. At the same time, you can also make yourself feel at home: the houses of the New World play an exciting role.


New world housing sounds like you can use it to show off your friends


This is the housing of the New World: as we all know, you can expect the extensive housing system of the New World. Comprehensive information about this feature was released in the spring of 2020. Aeternum houses are different in size and properties but also cost. However, you need enough money to buy a house, and you must also establish a good reputation among your future neighbors in advance. For example, you can help city projects or eliminate the annoying monster plague to increase the popularity ranking of residents.

But it is worth it. Because with a house, you will get not only a house, but also some advantages. This includes:

Increase the stored trophies and items. Each house can store up to 5 awards. For example, you can improve these trophies in battle or crafting.

A retreat that can be reached by fast travel

Extra storage space

A valuable personal home

You have the following options for building a house:

In addition to the features mentioned above, your house (yes, you can own several homes) can also serve as a place for self-realization.

The house should be used as a haven.

There are four different types of houses. The more expensive the home, the more pets, decorations, and furniture it can accommodate.

If you want, you can brag about a stylishly furnished house in front of your friends. If you work hard, you can show off your lovely house to other players.

There is a complex points system, and each house is classified. Depending on the objects placed and their positions, players can collect New World Coin: for example, you can put a table upside down on the ceiling, but you won't get any New World Coins for it. The goal is to strike a balance between the creativity and structure of the players.

There should be a set of rules in which players can compete with each other.

Prize: The house with the highest score will be shown to the public in the settlement. According to the developer, the whole thing should also help inspire players to decorate hunting and decorating.

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