New World Beginner’s Guide

Game: New World
Time: 2021-08-21 08:53:45
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Amazon’s New World was delayed to September 28. It is a big game with a big world full of enemies looking to take you down. If you want to survive your adventure, you have to be really careful.

Starting the game is relatively straightforward, with the tutorial teaching you all of the basics of fighting, crafting, and gathering. However, several crucial tips can make your life much, much easier. Let’s walk right into what you need to do to win.

Selecting the Correct Build

Among the builds available in New World, choose to direct your points to the style that suits you best. However, it’s advised that your build corresponds to a balance that can benefit your play on multiple occasions. For Beginners in New World, it’s important to pay adequate attention to your build and keep an eye on boosts. Your build directly influences your expedition’s success. Your versatility in weapon and build choice is what determines your victories.

Completing Quests and Side Quests

Of the four locations you can spawn at, each has its own set of side quests. These quests prove pivotal in gaining the required XP points to level up and tackle more demanding enemies later on in the game. As a Beginner in New World, If you happen to spawn at Everfall, the foes you may encounter in the side quests could be a bit tricky to deal with. It’d be a better idea to head over to a location with easier side quests first and completing that line. An option here is to start by finishing the side quests in First Light. Quests like town missions may see meager XP yield. However, these will help in the long run.

Lowering Travel Time by Re-spawning

New World has no mounts, which means you’re going to be using your feet to get from point to point. This simply means you’ll be wasting a lot of time traversing to and fro while questing. Beginners will often find this infuriating in New World. To cut down these travel times, consider killing your character. This will enable you to re-spawn at the quest assignment’s origin. A simple trick such as this one will save you many hours when counting all the travel time during quests.

Patiently grinding through the game

This seems a little off-putting as a Beginner in New World but is what will influence your climb when the latter levels of higher foes come into play. Go through the faction strengths – a server with a dominant faction contributes to greater outputs. Invest in intricately crafting your weapons – higher leveled weapons will hold better boost slots.

We hope this New World Beginner’s guide helped you get an understanding of what you’ll need to do in-game. May the supernatural island of Aeternum be yours to conquer if you don’t die to the corruption first!

As always, a new MMO means there’s a tonne of new information to discover and learn about. When the game is released, you’ll be seeing more content here.