New World 9 Beginner Tips

Game: New World
Time: 2022-12-24 08:56:24
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New World 9 Beginner Tips 

New World is an entertaining MMO from Amazon, and it's a huge, huge game. So it can be overwhelming to beginners because there are a lot of mechanics to learn, things to see, and weapons to try. It may be downright daunting. In order to avoid this, here's a look at some beginner tips to consider when starting their journey in New World.

Focus On Weapon Experience Early 

In New World, you not only level up your character or professions, as it's the case in other MMORPGs but also your weapons. The longer a player uses a weapon, the more proficient they'll become and the more skills they'll have at their disposal. Thus, you'll get better at handling them and unlock abilities that are otherwise denied to you. Because of this, it's an important New World tip for beginners to decide what weapons they like and want to use before their journey starts. 

Pick A Tradeskill And Stick To It 

New World focuses on its crafting mechanics, and all players can expect to spend a lot of time mastering the various Trade Skills. There are 17 in total, divided into three categories. Players that want to get the most out of crafting will have to work on various gathering proficiencies to snag the necessary materials before making the gear they want. Unfortunately, it's easy to become "spread too thin" and players that are scattered when gathering and crafting will find themselves much farther from their goals. It's better to focus resources on one thing and level it up before moving on.

Understanding Attributes 

Whether you're picking up the game for the first time or checking back in to see how the new Void Gauntlet works, Understanding how Attributes affect your progression is key to success in this colossal MMO. Each of your character's 5 core attributes offers you a variety of different bonuses and boons, and before you have a good idea of how to level up your character, you'll need to understand what each attribute does for you. Constitution determines the number of hit points a character gets, but a player who takes a defensive or melee role needs to put extra points in this stat. Strength and Dexterity cover most of the weapons that physical damage dealers use, while Focus and Intelligence cover the weapons with magical abilities.

Do Faction Missions Regularly 

Aeturnum is split into several different areas known as Territories, and the various Territories are home to the three Factions of New World: the Covenant, Marauders, and Syndicate. You can only choose to become part of one particular faction. Once players decide which faction they want to represent, they must take faction missions daily. The first time these missions are completed for a day, they offer a massive XP bonus. This can help players level quickly. Also, Faction Missions, which are snagged from the appropriate faction representative in each town, also reward players with Faction Points. These are used to purchase specific gear and weapons.

Buy House First 

New World's houses are far more than a living spaces. They provide a free fast travel point, increase your storage capacity, and even grant passive buffs just for owning one. So it is slightly more complicated than in other MMOs. You'll need to unlock the ability to purchase a house, have the required Coin to buy it, then have enough Coin to pay a weekly property tax. That degree of investment has kept many players away from purchasing a house, and that's a shame. 

Always Keep Food Readily Available 

In New World, food is one way to get health and mana. Food can also provide a boost to your primary stats of choice. Also, there are trade skill foods that give you a boost to gathering and crafting. So players should always have enough nourishment to keep their health-regen buff active.

Take Every Quest You See 

Quests in New World are given by NPCs or obtained through exploration of certain Locations. Quests net your experience points as well as rewards, most of the time some sort of equipment type to help you improve your gear. Completing Quests will allow you to level up and grow stronger. There are a lot of side quests, town missions, and faction missions scattered throughout New World. The main story is entertaining in its own right, but players should always snag and complete any applicable quests they see.

Don't Aggro Too Many Enemies At Once 

Players who frequent MMORPGs will likely want to corral a bunch of enemies and take them all down at once to amass as much XP as possible. While this practice is doable in New World, it's much harder than in other games. Enemies have the ability to stagger the player out of certain moves, and it's easy for players to become completely overwhelmed by their foes, unable to heal or dish out damage. Instead, players should take down their enemies systematically, ensuring they don't aggravate too many at once.

Enjoy The Journey 

Many players are tempted to rush with the mindset of reaching the endgame as quickly as possible, but the gameplay in New World is designed to be more of a slow burn. Instead, players should sit back and enjoy the journey, leveling at their own pace and immersing themselves in the character they're playing. Amazon will likely start pushing out a few major updates and give players more endgame content to tackle. For now, players should enjoy the sights and enjoy the various classes and crafting options.