New World 3v3 PVP Arena Tips

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New World 3v3 PVP Arena Tips

In New World, players can step into the Arena to test their skills against other combatants! 3v3 Arenas are a new small-scale PvP game mode where teams of 3 can face off for fame, glory, and riches. But, some players might find themselves perplexed on how tricky it could get to fight other players in this game mode. So in this article, we bring some useful tips to help you defeat your opponents and rise to the top!

Consider Mechanics

PVP Arena Mechanics is one of the most important tips players can take advantage of in the New World. If you can deeply master the mechanics early in mind, you will get a lead in the matches.

Technically, Arena matches are a best-of-three series, wherein players need to win three rounds before winning the entire match. The rounds themselves are limited in scope, wherein a circle of fire will eventually engulf the whole Arena to force players to get closer together and the fight should there be no victors after two or so minutes. Also, you can take your consumables into the Arena and use them without being consumed. There is no limit on how many consumables you can use or how many types of consumables you can use. If you are in the PvP arena and have that type of consumable, you can use it as many times as you want without consuming it, provided the cooldown is up.

Study Map

Next, understanding the map’s layout can help New World players create builds that can help adjust to its specifications. Despite the rather straightforward nature of the Arena Mode Map, there are specific nuances to consider.

The Arena Mode Map for New World MMO players is rather spacious. They have more than enough space for players to dodge and run around and cast wide-enough AOE spells to their heart’s content. Near the center of the map are two gigantic pillars that players can walk or run around. These are perhaps the only objects on the map besides the occasional statue attached to the stone fences that wall off the circular map. They are big enough to provide cover and may force players to walk around just to chase a target, especially in melee.

Check Weapon Viability

New World operates off a classless system, so your “class” or build is defined purely by the weapons you choose to wield. You can use two weapons at any given time, and with the available options, there are plenty of weapon and skill combinations. So it makes sense for players to take note of their weapon choice before entering the PVP Arena Mode.

Such as Life Staff is a reliable healing weapon, so it must have an essential component in the Arena Mode for New World, especially for support builds. It helps to have a Life Staff as a secondary slot for heavy armor builds for the defense boost.

Lure Opponents In Traps

On top of how the positioning is important in the combat of New World is how players should take advantage of how the wrong position could be a huge mistake for their opponents. More aggressive teams need to take note of how to lure opponents out of their safe zones. They can do this with rather imposing attacks, such as an AOE on one side and a fierce combo on the other.

Doing this can force enemies into chokeholds or limit their dodging options, enabling players to get them in a disadvantageous position. Players can do this to trap rather mobile enemies or lure ranged specialists out in the open.

Pay Attention Cooldowns

Players well-versed in PVP in games know that rotations matter because players don’t want to be stuck with an empty bar making normal attacks since this lessens their damage output. The amount of information cooldowns provides you is pretty crucial. Knowing when your cooldowns are ready again helps you rotate your skills much more often and helps you push more damage out of a build.

A fiercer way of doing this is taking advantage of the times enemies to take in between consumable drinks. For instance, that 30-second timer between Arena Healing Potion cooldowns is perfect for zooming in for the kill.

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