MMO New World Character development, Guides, and Special events

Game: New World
Time: 2021-06-02 15:32:50
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The developers of New World answered some questions about their Sandbox MMO. They can tell us a lot about the gameplay: buynewworldcoins learned new knowledge about character development, guides, and special events.


MMO New World Character development, Guides, and Special events


You call the new world a sandbox MMO on the official website. What are sandbox items? Is it just a lack of missions, or can players change the content of the world?
We think of New World as a sandbox MMO. MMORPGs are guided by narrative tasks and awaken the player's particular concept of theme park games. We are not like that-the gameplay may be fun, but it's not the kind of fun we want.

However, there is another fundamental concept of the theme park game we want to achieve, and that is the directional game. Simply put: players should always know what they can do in the game. Through some mechanisms, we ensure that players always know this.

On the other hand, we share a prominent feature of sandbox games: players can ignore all prompts and do whatever they want. We will not stop you. The ability to cultivate characters, see the world, and experience the game has nothing to do with the task chain.

No classic missions in the new world
Your role in the new world evolves by playing and moving around the world. He is not restricted by task or level. You can choose your adventure anywhere in the world. Although some game areas are more dangerous than others, there is no mechanism to prevent you from entering. If you have skills, you can experience an area of ​​the world, regardless of equipment or level.
Therefore, we do not have a mission plan in the classic sense, but we rely on guiding the game through a targeted system. We also plan to establish an order system to recruit other players to perform various tasks.

Compared to other sandbox MMOs such as Camelot Unchained or Ashes of Creation, what makes you unique? Both focus on open-world PvP and siege events.
This may sound selfish, but we cannot make new worlds to respond to or copy other games. Of course, there will be content you've seen before—after all, we didn't invent combat.
We are determined to create a sandbox MMO game and choose what we like. The target audience of our game should be eager to find their way in the new world and play or fight with other players with the same goals.

Is there a plan for survival content, such as hunger or thirst? If you give up these needs, will you die? We are already hungry and thirsty in the game, but it will not kill you. In our game, when you eat and drink enough, you will get bonus rewards. Eating full can restore health. Not being thirsty can restore endurance faster. In addition, players can bring exceptional food and drinks with additional rewards.

Is there a way to bypass PvP and enjoy PvE? What are the typical characteristics of New World PvE?
There is no way to avoid PvP altogether, but our "crime tracking system restricts gank." If a player attacks another player outside of the approved conflict, he will be marked as a criminal and attacked by other players with impunity.
We don't want to encourage deception in the new world, but we also want to support bandit style. We know that there will be players who will receive the "red states" as a reward.
Although life as a robber is extraordinary and challenging, it is utterly impossible for us not to want to play like that.

The new world does not have any specific professions that we can choose in creation. What is your character development plan? How do you learn new skills?
Our progress system is based on two categories: attributes and skills. Details make players more robust and more comprehensive. Skills make players better at what they experience globally, such as forging, logging, or survival in the wild.
Players gain experience by experiencing things in the world. In particular places, you will get upgrades and gain skills and attribute points, and then you can use them.
Casual gamers can improve their character through their favorite game style, and we also enable build adjustments and minimum maximization for hardcore gamers.

How will players organize themselves to explore the world with others? Are you planning a guild system or something similar?
We already have a company representing our version of the guild. These companies have management structures, rights, land ownership, and prevent friendly fires during battle.
We also have a group system, which allows a small number of players.
Travel the world together,
Understand the other person's location and
Set a common meeting point.
With the continuous development of the new world, we are planning to expand our existing company system.

We still know from Gamescom that you plan to host an event in the new world. Can you tell us something? What kind of event do you plan to hold?
We have to get the game online before creating an event schedule, so none of this is set in stone. However, our collaboration with Twitch caught our attention, so we thought a lot about in-game events:
From competitions to spectator fights and bounty hunts to derby and structured fights, everything is possible. For testing purposes, we ran many different events internally and expanded some of them to include alpha. For example, we significantly strengthened a fortress and then asked all players on a server to attack it together.
We want to see how our system can handle data exchange with so many players in a small game area. It was difficult initially, but we learned a lot, and we have been providing technical support for the battle with many players. The large-scale combat actions in the game are just a great experience, usually used to test every new weapon.