How to Transfer New World Characters Servers for Free?

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The New World team wants to ensure that every person can promptly log in during the post-release duration when thousands of countless individuals wish to play. Because of this, several new web servers have been presented, and the capability of existing servers has been boosted. Throughout this duration, players produce characters on servers with fewer gamers to ensure that they can log in without waiting in lengthy lines. There is usually the disadvantage of not having the ability to have fun with good friends. Thanks to the free server transfer, you can calmly consider whether you wish to change to your friends and also play together on a server with a lot of gamers or whether you want to decide on a remote server.

With the new update 1.0.3, the server moved to a New world
After maintenance work, first, monitor the frame and do not activate the transmission
If all goes well, the server transfer will initially only be started in the Utopia World in the Southeast of AP
Pay close attention to the changes in Utopia in AP Southeast
If everything goes according to plan, the entire AP Southeast area will be unlocked for switching
If there is no problem for 8 hours, the role transfer in other regions will be activated

When does the server transfer start?
Maintenance work in New World on October 20th should continue until noon. If we give developers an hour to monitor the framework, then the test transmission time for players on Utopia is 1:00 pm. If we wait another hour for these tests, all APs can be tested in the southeast will be 2:00 pm. After eight hours, at approximately 10:00 pm, the server transfer can then be activated for everyone.


How to Transfer New World Characters Servers for Free?

How to transfer New World Characters?

1. Log in to the game with the character you want to transfer
2. Take the character to a sheltered location, such as a settlement or outpost
3. Leave your current company
4. Delete all valid buy and sell orders in the trading station
5. Open the game store and select "World Radio" on the left side of the page
6. Click the button with free world radio
7. Choose Buy below
8. Then select the world you want to transfer the character to from the list
9. In the next window, you can give a transfer instruction by Confirm Transfer.
10. Then you will be logged out and forwarded to the main menu.

Which world can I choose?
In your area, in principle, you can choose any world as your transmission destination. However, this does not apply to worlds that are already full, currently under maintenance, or world sets where the character that is being transferred to your account already exists.

When you change roles, what will you bring?
Your character level, weapon proficiency, title, etc., will all be taken over. You will also bring the following items with you:
1. Warehouse inventory and contents
2. New World Coins and other game currencies
3. Homes and decorations
4. Task progress

What will be lost when changing characters?
Since you must leave your company before the change, there will be no transfer. You should also delete your good buy and sell orders because they will not be carried with you during the transfer process.
In addition, your friend's list only applies to the specific world you are playing-they will not be transferred to other worlds.

What should I do if I choose the wrong server?
If you choose the wrong world to transfer for whatever reason, there will be no free transfer for the time being. Another transfer requires a new token. But Amazon wants to monitor and evaluate the situation closely:
Another token is required for retransmission. New World team will pay close attention to the world population and queue time to evaluate the necessity of issuing free server transfer tokens. After we determine that players have enough time to find a suitable server for themselves, we will provide server transfer tokens for purchase in the store. If the tickets can also be purchased for a fee, we will notify you in time.

Does the world set work?
Also, in Camulos' answer, the player learned that the world settings would not play a role in the server transfer. The employee said, you can choose the server. There are only geographical restrictions. You cannot switch between AP Southeast, SA East, US West, US East, and Central European Union.

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