How to quickly reach the highest level of Woodcutting Logging 200 level in the New World?

Game: New World
Time: 2021-10-23 14:14:05
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One month after New World went live, I enjoyed this game very much. It provides many different activity options and methods to upgrade your cartoon characters-extensive missions, interesting main mission lines, faction rankings to advance the search. After 15 years of playing Warcraft, this is a breath of fresh air, did you know? There are no longer professional locking skills, no longer need to choose two primary professions, no longer need to race against time to reach the upper limit of level, and no longer need to run mythic dungeons within 5 minutes. This is a good choice if you are looking for something new without the pressure of peers who pay monthly and have to catch up with the legend/history.


How to quickly reach the highest level of Woodcutting Logging 200 level in the New World?

Woodcutting Logging is very important in the New World. Logging is one of the first ways to make some good New World coin on a new character in New World. Woodcutting is essential here because the material is used in many recipes. We at BuyNewWorldCoins show you how to quickly improve your logging skills to obtain the necessary raw materials in this article.

From level 1-50:
Equip your axe and start feeling young trees.
In all initial areas, there are trees outside the settlement gates.
If you are overloaded, run back and throw the wood in your warehouse, or if you are particularly anxious to level it, throw it on the ground and continue cutting.

From level 50 to level 100:
Here, it is essential to cut down as many adult trees as possible.
These provide more experience than young trees.
Here, the best place is just outside the gates of the settlement. The denser the forest, the more mature trees you will find.

From level 100 to level 175:

Now you can cut down the wyrmwood trees, and they will light up light blue and give you a lot of experience.
In addition to trees, you can now kill dryad wolves to chop down wood. You can recognize wolves by the light green poisonous cloud that covers them.
We mainly recommend you to breed dry tree wolves, because on the one hand, they give you a lot of experience, and on the other hand, they can dismantle faster than wyrmwood trees.

From level 175 to level 200

Now you can tear down everything without actually having to make an effort to maximize logging.
However, if you still want to go to 200, the best way is to collect tropical wood.
Or you can continue to chop tree wolves because they are equally effective in terms of experience.

Other advantages make leveling easier.
Extra physique brings a bonus: the more the body in the attribute window decreases, the more advantage of cutting trees.
50 points or more = + 10% above the recording speed
200 points or more = another + 10% or more recording speed
250 points or more = 10% increase in logging income
300 points or more = 25% chance of cutting down a tree in one fell swoop
Area calls also work. Using the regional calling card collect, you can cut down trees faster, which means you can gain experience faster. If you mainly cut wood in a certain area, you can rely on this buff.