How to get the New World Legendary Warpwood, Regent, and Creeping Recurve Bows?

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Anyone who comes to the New World Endgame is looking for the best equipment. Legendary weapons play an essential role in this regard. There are currently Legendary Warpwood, Regent, and Creeping Recurve Bows, and in this guide, BuynewworldCoins will show you how to obtain these Weapons. What is unique about legendary Bows Weapons? Legendary weapons are the most potent weapons you can get in the game. However, they are somewhat different from classic weapons because their value and effect are fixed, and there is no room for change. You can only insert a gem according to your wishes.

The Bow is mighty and can be said to be the most extended ranged weapon in the game. Its damage, rate of fire, and mobility overwhelm the musket through its master tree. In its current state, the Bow is the perfect weapon for PVP.
Bow construction is to take as minor damage as possible. You need to make full use of your dodge and dodge to reduce the damage you receive.
Light armor is the first choice. Dodge's extra mobility can play a role.
The Bow uses arrows, and the arrows can be made through engineering or found in the world. Bow damage is proportional to dexterity. You can use a short-range shot that causes 100% weapon damage or a long-range shot that generates 170% Weapon damage to shoot bows and arrows.

Impede and poison the target.
Cause a lot of damage in a short time.
Agile. Many passive skills can enhance dodge ability.

The maximum damage caused depends on hitting the headshot and hitting the target continuously.
Rely on ammunition.
Only inflict more severe damage on targets outside the specified minimum range.
You mainly want to add your attributes to agility. You can build with different characteristics according to your auxiliary weapon, but Dex is the scale of the Bow.
The heavy blow of the Bow is very reliable, at least if it is started with a severe setback due to some of the passive skills of the Bow. Aiming the Bow is not easy-some players prefer the hit scan of the rifle.

Warpwood Bow:

How to get the New World Legendary Warpwood, Regent, and Creeping Recurve Bows?

Warpwood is a 5th level legendary rare bow in the New World MMORPG. It has a score of 600 gears. Inflict 64 damage. Equipment reward attributes 30 agility. It will occupy 24.3 kg of capacity in your inventory.
This item has three valuable perks: Weak Poison Shot, Vorpal, and Sharp Jagged. The gem also has an empty slot.
The characteristic of this Bow is the scaling of 1 attribute: Dexterity (DEX).

This legendary Bow mainly increases your damage over time. Production requires a level 200 engineer, a level 5 workshop, and the following materials:
20x Asmodeum
15x Phoenix Braid
5x Rune Leather
1x magic bowstring (dropped randomly from humanoid creatures above level 45)
1x Splintered Bow (dropped randomly from strong animals and chests above level 58)
4x Wildwood
2x bladder fabric

Regent's Bow:

Regent's Bow is one of the rare bows in the new world. The Bow is one of the 11 weapon types for players to choose from in the new world. It is very suitable for fighting multiple enemies. Bow and arrow damage increases by 100% with agility.
This legendary Bow provides an extraordinary reward. Therefore, you gain health after killing and increase your chances of obtaining rare loot from the mob.

How to obtain legendary weapons?
To get the Bow, you must complete the mission The Queen is Dead. In addition, you must defeat three bosses in saltwater. This mission is part of a series that started with NPC Katrina Sanders in saltwater.

Creeping Recurve Bow:

Creeping Recurve is the fifth-tier legendary rare Bow in the New World MMORPG. It has 500-600 gear scores. Inflict 64 damage. Equipment reward attributes 30 agility. It will occupy 26.4 kg of capacity in your inventory.
This item has four applicable privileges: Cruel IV, Keenly Jagged, Chain Nature, Keen.
The characteristic of this Bow is the scaling of 1 attribute: Dexterity (DEX).
This legendary Bow will increase your damage over time and provide additional natural effects.

How to obtain legendary weapons?
Currently, this is not 100% clear to us. To be sure, legendary weapons can be dropped from the highest dungeon, Resurrection Garden. If you beat the boss and open the box, you have a chance.

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