Due to duplicate furniture items issues, New World once again disabled transactions between players

Game: New World
Time: 2021-11-16 10:43:53
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In the New world, players can no longer trade with each other or use trading stations. The reason for this is using houses in order to duplicate furniture items, which is an error that allows players to add items. How long the content will remain inactive is unclear. The developer released a forum post today announcing the suspension of all wealth transfers. That includes sending New World coins, trading directly between players, paying for guild vaults, and using trading stations. This trading will remain disabled until the project copy problem is resolved. Exactly when this happened is unclear. The trading stations will most likely only be restored in the upcoming 1.0.6 patch.


Due to duplicate furniture items issues, New World once again disabled transactions between players

In the past few months, the new world of Amazon gaming has received positive and negative attention, including Coins reuse. When Amazon first tried to solve this problem, a new Coins copy bug caught people's attention. In the new world, this new loophole involves the transfer of assets between players. According to reports, this loophole allows players to copy their trophies, which are valuable endgame items that can be sold for many New World Coins. As the supply of new world trophies increases, their average price in the gaming economy drops.

What exactly is that?
With the deception of this project, the project is used exclusively for housing. To do this, they use some tricks to drag down. Finally, there are two such items in your inventory. It is said that the vulnerability is easy to exploit. However, this has existed for a few days until Amazon responded and banned the transaction.

Is this the first mistake of its kind?
No, the transfer between servers creates an item deception or even a golden deception. So far, the penalties for players who exploit this vulnerability have been relatively low. There are very few permanent closures. The community criticized this.

The vulnerability has some fire on the game's official forum. The release method players explained that after Amazon Games did not take any action, they tried to report it through the backchannel before it became public. A player named Poverty wrote: "I saw another post about potential trophy copying and thought I would take a few minutes to copy it." "It turns out it's easy to do. I'm posting this. The details are on the sidelines, but our partners' previous attempts to report project repetitions have been ignored. Disclosure seems to be the only way out."

As you might expect, the players responded to the news in a very calm and rational way. Some say they will never play in the new world again, and some swear they will return to World of Warcraft, generally agree that any exploiter should be permanently banned, and so on. In all fairness, however, there is nothing worse than such a thing for MMOs, which may disrupt the entire resource ecosystem, so Amazon Games has no choice but to do what it is supposed to do.