7 Things New World Game Doesn’t Tell You

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7 Things New World Game Doesn’t Tell You
New World has been out for a long time, and it’s still daunting to players because there are too many things you need to know, the sheer amount of stuff packed away on its fresh fantasy islands ready to be explored. While the tutorial does a good job of getting players set on the right path, a lot isn’t clearly explained in the game. So in this article, we will show you our most helpful tips to get a head start on its steep!

1. You Can Change The Starting Area

In New World, there are several starting areas that players can choose from. However, sometimes players cannot choose on their own & have to settle with the default. This can impact the experience in New World early on because each of the starting zones has a different level of difficulty.

So changing the Starting Zones in New World is something many players have been wondering about. It is all pretty simple, to be honest. After spawning in a zone, accept and complete the initial quest. Once done, do not accept the second quest that appears – this is extremely crucial. Once the second quest has been declined, open up the map to see if the quest can be completed in another region. Simply complete the quest there to stay in that region. The only thing to remember is to do that before accepting the 2nd quest – this is where most players fail.

2. Almost Everything Can Be Gathered

New World is the type of game known as a “sandbox,” meaning players can interact with almost everything in the world to gather raw resources. They can be sold to earn New World Coins on the open market or crafted into various other items after they’ve been refined.

Also, New World lets players get started when they start playing. No training is required to get started on any of the Trade skills, including gathering. Instead, all a player needs is a simple tool that can be crafted with simple materials and rudimentary skills.

3. Storage Sheds Items Can Be Used at Crafting Stations

New World storage sheds are the main container for keeping items safely in the game. When you get encumbered, you must return and store your precious resources instead of wasting them away or limiting yourself in gathering skills.

But, the most important thing is that any items stored in those Storage Sheds can be accessed for crafting at any workshops and crafting stations situated around the town. If you have been farming Green Wood or Fresh Water, they can be used in crafting stations, even inside the storage shed.

4. Equipment Weight Matters

Just like inventory weight, Equipment Weight plays an important role in how you move around the world. While there aren’t any specific class requirements for armor types — you can mix and match heavy, light, or medium armor as you see fit — you have to pay attention to how heavy the armor you’re using is and how it weighs you down.

Carrying too much weight affects your character’s movement speed, which is obviously not ideal, especially in combat situations. Because of this, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the meter next to your armor slots. If you want to play a character that can dodge around easily and stay out of trouble, then using light or medium armor in most slots is key to keeping your stamina cost low.

5. Choose Weapons That Rely On the Same Attributes

There are plenty to choose from in New World. You can equip two weapons as soon as you reach level 5, and as each weapon has a choice of two skill trees, you can mix them up to work with any playstyle you might have in mind.

For example, some weapons will utilize attributes like Strength, which will give you bonuses for using heavy weapons like battle axes and hammers. So you should try to stick with weapons that use the same attributes to increase your effectiveness with those types of items. While you can feed attributes for two completely different types of weapons, it will spread your points thin and weaken you.

6. Enabling PVP Gives More Experience

While New World offers a lot of PvE content, it truly shines in its PvP prowess. In addition, having PvP enabled comes with a 5% XP perk. This is a nice way to help players level up quickly.

It’s not a big boost, but if you don’t mind the risk of running into enemy players, you can count on a faster leveling experience. Just be ready to fight other factions whenever you leave town.

7. Buy A House

New World’s houses are far more than a living space. They provide a free and fast travel point, increase your storage capacity, and even grant passive buffs just for owning one.

Also, you’re awarded points based on decorations, the rarity of the items you place, and more. All of which leads to bragging rights: whichever player is at the top of the leaderboards has their house appear to all other players in that particular town. Housing, in short, isn’t just a vanity project for a small subset of players to care about. It’s an essential part of the New World.

Was this article helpful? Would you have any other tips else? Let us know in the comment!

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