5 Handy Tips Help You Master New World

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New World is Amazon Games’ massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game has enjoyed enormous popularity since its release. Like any MMO, it has its combat, crafting, and faction mechanics, each with its intricacies to learn. If you’ve just begun playing New World, you might find yourself needing a few tips to help you understand the massive number of systems and mechanics. Below, find five handy tips on how to master New World in Aeternum, the game’s supernatural island.

Get A Movement Skill

Unfortunately, there are no mounts in New World for players to use to speed up getting around. It means that players will have to do a lot of walking. You can greatly increase your movement speed by switching or sheathing weapons between your dodges, rolls, or dashes. New World players refer to this technique as ‘animation canceling’. Efficient utilization of your stamina bar is key to successfully performing this special function.

If you cannot sprint, your ability to travel quickly between areas in Aeternum is limited. This can damper how fast you gather resources and level your character. Also, you can use fast travel, but you’ll need to buy this with Azoth, a supernatural mineral in the game used as a form of currency.

Always Prioritize Main Quests

While New World’s Main Quests aren’t nearly as plentiful as its side quests, they’re often the most “efficient” source of XP in the game. While you’ll sometimes find yourself waiting to hit the next leveling milestone needed to unlock the next string of Main Quests, you should prioritize completing those quests whenever they appear.

Later on, joining a faction will also help you take on some missions alongside your main quests. There are three factions in New World; Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant. You’ll get into one after reaching around level 10 and get six faction quests. Faction missions offer the most XP after main quests, so they can significantly impact how fast you level up.

Use New World Coins

New World Coins are the main currency in Aeternum, and you can use them to gain various in-game items, including weapons, houses, and armors.

There are several ways to gain New World Coins during gameplay, including rewards from successful quests, selling loot from battles you won, and selling gear you crafted. The doeed to improve your gaming experience. Fortunately, there are other ways of getting New World Coins without having to farm.

Make Use of Free Faction Resources

When you join a faction and complete faction quests, you’ll earn currency that you can use to buy armour sets from your faction’s shop. But, other than the supplies you need to work hard for, there are others you can find within your faction for free.

Within settlements controlled by your faction, you’ll find supply carts containing resources such as cloth, food, and lumber. These are resources that can come in handy when completing Town Projects. The best part is that they are free, so make sure to grab items you need when you come across these carts.

Level Up Craft

When you arrive at Aeternum, you will immediately face challenges to overcome. You will assess your surrounding, find resources to harvest and gather, and begin crafting tools to ensure your survival. As you progress your trade and craft skills, you will eventually be able to gather, refine and craft many powerful things.

Items that you can craft in New World include weapons, potions, stone blocks, and more. You’ll need to gather materials from the surrounding area to make each of these items, so farming in a region that provides the materials you need is important.

If you are committed to spending lots of time exploring and plundering the mystical island of Aeternum, the above best tips that you must master. We hope that these tips will make the experience more enriching for you.

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